Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walgreen's Well Beginnings Moms Meet Review (and a super cool formula tub invention you can't live without!)

I received  Walgreen's Well Beginnings baby products as part of a campaign through Moms Meet to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

We were super happy to be picked to do this blogger review for, Walgreen's Well Beginnings products! I am an avid Walgreen's fan, even if I am a bit far from one, I usually shop online with them. 
I'm also a sucker for cleaning products, baby products, kid products and any other wellness type products that Walgreen's, (and other stores) have to offer. 
My youngest is 4 and potty trained, although he does have accidents once in awhile. So, my 2 gorgeous granddaughters helped with this review. Deegan, my youngest, also helped with the baby wipes. 
We use baby wipes in the bathroom for the little ones and I also use them in my truck for errands, doctor visits and other long trips, so we go through quite a few packs per month! 
I have 4 kids, ages 22, 11, 7 and 4 and we use/used a ton of wipes! I have to admit, I have a couple favorites but, Walgreen's Well Beginnings Sensitive Wipes, rate right up there in the top 3. 
The price is nice, $2.39 for a pack of 72!! 
These work perfect because, even though I love the super thick wipes, super thick wipes have a few downfalls. Walgreen's Well Beginnings wipes are the perfect size and thickness. They get the job done with half of the amount then I have found with some other brands. ( Wipes that last longer save me more money so this is awesome!)
This leads me to my #MomHack which is, using baby wipes for messy hands, faces and even counter tops! I always have a pack on the top of the toilet for my youngest, but I also use these for quick clean ups in the bathroom.
We also received a pack of size 4 diapers.
These are 100% made in the USA, like the rest of the Well Beginnings line, and that alone is a plus for me!
I was absolutely thrilled with the price too! $8.99 for a pack of 31 size 4 diapers. (A few more then other brands and a few dollars less!)
They offer sizes from newborn to size 6 and the newborn, size 1 and size 2, have wetness indicators that turn blue, so you know when your baby needs changed.
The inner liner contains, natural botanicals, aloe and vitamin E, so your baby is protected and that makes these diapers super soothing for your little ones.
We also received Well Beginnings Baby Wash, which is 100% soap free, dye free and ph balanced. This sells for $2.99 a bottle, another sweet price!
I even use the baby wash for me because I love the scent and with my RSD and MS, I have issues with pain and I am very sensitive to certain things, especially shaving. My RSD affects my legs and I sometimes have hours, even days when my whole body itches and feels like it's on fire. My legs end up being scratched up, among other things and I have a hard time with shaving. I started using the baby wash just to see if it would help, since it is made for babies and it is hypo allergenic, and it actually saved me a few times!
The next product we received, was Well Beginnings Oral Electrolyte, fruit flavor.
Well Beginnings Oral Electrolyte is much cheaper then other leading brands and compares 100%!
My 2 year old granddaughter will be using this. She has a bit of an issue, keeping foods down due to her heart medicine, so this will come in handy for her!
We also received coupons for $5 off Well Beginnings Infant Formula. (These will be going to my younger granddaughter since she is still using formula.)
The formula tubs are the coolest things ever! They have an easy open zip top that removes the foil with 1 pull! There is also a scoop holder and a built in scoop leveler! (Why they didn't make these snazzy tubs when I could've used them, is beyond me, lol!) I would've went crazy for these when I was fumbling around at 3am, digging my wet fingers in a tub of some rather yucky smelling baby formula, trying to dig the clear scoop out! (and the built in scoop leveler would have helped tremendously for husbands who make bottles and figure, as long as the scoop has some stuff in, we're good!)
But, that's ok, I'm happy new moms can have such a helpful, mom friendly formula tub!
Did I mention already that Walgreen's Well Beginnings is made in the USA??
If you are already in love with Walgreen's, this is just another reason why they rock!
Have you tried any of these products?
I would love to hear what you think! Please comment below about your experience with Walgreen's Well Beginnings!

We received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms
Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly
from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meets blogger, I agreed to
use this product and post my opinon on my blog. My opinions do
not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or
the manufacturer of the product.

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