Saturday, January 9, 2016

doTERRA Essential Oils Intro Kit Giveaway

I love using essential oils in our diffusers through the house! I haven't really gotten into mixing oil blends just yet, but after finding some pretty cool ideas on Pinterest and on the doTERRA website, I intend on starting asap! (Another new year's resolution I hope to add to our health and wellness list!)

I use our diffusers on a daily basis and try to use specific oils for whatever the ailments may be or just to make everything smell lemony or like peppermint! I also like to use doTERRA blends. (My kids think that the newest blends, peace, motivate, and cheer, are all for happiness, finish your chores, feeling content, and having fun!) Which is sorta caused by me since I try my best to make everybody smile, have fun, GET ALONG, and do their chores. But, most of all, fill the house with laughter :)

Yes, I did tell them what the oils are "for" and it seems to have made a difference actually! It's fun to let them pick which oils they would like in the diffuser and then they start to run around and finish chores. (Yes, this I am being serious!) I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that they are able to choose their own blends and this makes them feel independent. I know with my children, at least, if they play a part in making decisions, they seem to be more anxious to actually do things such as, chores. This is true for eating healthy too! If they play a part in helping to decide our menu, make a shopping list, even help gather the ingredients at the store, and prepare the meals and snacks, they are more excited to try healthier foods!

My youngest likes to help our dogs out by diffusing oils he believes will help them feel better and have a good day :) I think it really does work. I have seen the dogs smile and they tend to be more relaxed depending on the oils the little ones choose for them!

So, after finding so many ideas for blends, (I have to start pinning asap!), I think I will have them create some of their own and write out some recipe cards so they can conjure up their own magic potions! I enjoy including them in the decision making process and we are always looking for ways to teach them about everything from figuring out money, "paying bills", deciding what they would like to wear, what charity they would like to donate to, all the way to learning about what each oil could help with and how to make their own roller bottle blends (with mom's help of course!) and now, diffuser blends.

I will have to come back and let you know if we found any fancy blends that make the whole house clean itself or add a few hours to each day, lol! Of course, this post will have the dandy Rafflecopter giveaway attached so, please, feel free to leave a comment! Let me know if you have any ideas for a blend you use at home! What kinds of decisions do you allow your little ones to be a part of? Thanks so much for coming back and for entering!

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  1. Lavender is great for it's soothing capabilities and I love lemon to give me a jump start of energy!

  2. Sweet giveaway.....those three are all great oils!

  3. All of them ,but the best is on guard

  4. Tea tree oil is my favorite. thank you for the giveaway!

  5. My favorite essenti oil is lavender. It's the only one I've ever really used, so I'm not familiar with the other ones! Thanks!

  6. i'm really new to essential oils and so i've only tried a few but so far my favorite (and most used) is peppermint! i'm almost out of my bottle. My husband gets a lot of headaches and I have stomach aches a lot and the peppermint oil usually clears up both of those like a charm!

  7. i love Lavender oil too.

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