Sunday, January 17, 2016

O'Keeffe's Working Hands

** I received a free product from Smiley360 and O'Keeffe's in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. **

I have always had an issue with dry skin. Especially my hands and feet! Since being diagnosed with RSD Type 1 and 2, I have experienced some of the most terrible and most sensitive and dry skin I have ever had experience with. RSD does affect your bones, muscle, skin, etc, so, while I understand why I have such an issue, I don't get why so many products I have tried in the past, don't seem to help as much.

I am also a mom and even though I am no longer working at the bar (due to my disability, unfortunately, I had to stop working last March.), I am still scrubbing, washing, handling cold, wet laundry, giving bubble baths, assisting with showers, and since I love super hot water, my skin seems to be even worse then before! (I find that hot water provides much needed relief from several different pain layers, so, giving this up is definitely not an option.) You will find several hand creams and foot creams, throughout my house and truck! I have them on my bathroom shelf, my purse/backpack, my center console, my computer desk, a shelf in my kitchen, and in my PJ drawer. I sometimes wonder if some of these brands are made to dry your hands and feet out even more, so that you keep using bigger gobs and buying more!

See? The color matches perfectly with my wallets and purse!

The first thing I noticed about O'Keeffe's Working Hands, is the cool green color and the easy to use and open container. (Having to unscrew and open tight lids when you have dry hands is not only painful, but also sometimes causes your skin to crack even more!) I love how they fit in several different places, they are the perfect size! Not to mention, they stack quite nicely!

The local pharmacy sells both the hand cream and foot cream and at a very sweet price! Which is great! Because, I have been stocking up and using both of these religiously! Even without my smalltown pharmacy and their deals on O'Keeffe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet, I can find them at several locations and also at a reasonable price. My husband is a truck driver and often talks about how he hears truck drivers talk about how awesome O'Keeffe's Working Hands is and how he sees them being sold at every truck stop he has ever been in. Which is why I used to just assume that this brand was geared more towards truck drivers, construction crews, mechanics, factory workers and people who work outdoors. It really never occurred to me, that they would be especially useful for busy moms! (But, they are! I promise!)

While this isn't a cure all, miracle cream, it will certainly help hydrate and help by putting up a barrier to keep water from hurting your skin even more. Any little bit helps and the fact that Working Hands helps with their fancy barrier, makes perfect sense! I also enjoy learning about how this product works, and the fact that they don't have claims like, "Oh, this is a cure all!" BLAH BLAH! Nope, just honest and reasonable and this, my friends, is what I personally look for in a brand :) O'Keeffe's Keepin it real!

One more cool thing about O'Keeffe's, if you find them on social media, you just may have a chance at winning 1 of 5 O'Keeffe's prizes, every Friday! Ok, I'll give you a few clues as to where to find them :)

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