Sunday, January 24, 2016

Truck Driver Problems

Do you ever get worried when everything seems to be going OK and you just know that something is just about to go wrong? Whether it's an illness, a broken bone, your vehicle needs $500 for brakes and rotors when you thought all you needed was just an inspection sticker? I lost track of these fun bouts of bad luck and over the years, I have learned to try to find the silver lining. If anything, as long as we have a home to live in, food to eat, and everybody is healthy, we're good. No matter how bad it seems to get, it could always be worse off.

I have also noticed that bad things actually do tend to happen in 3's. It isn't just a saying after all! As long as we're on the 3rd "bad luck" dilemma, that is a silver lining in itself! Then you have a few months of this fun, "good luck" or just no luck at all, kind of just in the middle. But, you know there is something lurking around the corner and you sit and wait. I think this has happened to my family, at least every quarter! Sometimes, only every other quarter.

My husband is a truck driver and we do have our own truck. That does have it's own list of pros and cons, (as everything does!) and sometimes, like when we need a motor overhaul, everything just starts to crumble. I know it does get hard to find that silver lining but, it is usually always there, somewhere. Oh yeah, by the way, we have been through 3 motor overhauls too! Our last truck had 2, the 2nd being immediately after the warranty expired on the 1st! So, very large monthly payments have been a regular part of our budget for a few years now. On top of regular repairs and upkeep, this can put a damper on things, of course. 

If you are a truck driver or you are familiar with the truck driving industry, you are probably aware of the DOT physicals that drivers are required to have updated every so often. My husband usually makes an appointment with our regular doctor and takes his paperwork in so they can fill everything out and have this sent in and he can get back to work. But, this past summer, our family doctor stopped offering DOT medical certifications and we were lost trying to find somebody else who was licensed.

I don't know if your husband has one of these friends who they always talk to, usually a co worker, but, this friend supposedly knows the answer to everything. (Most of the time, they are very wrong and are just talking just to hear themselves talk!) Well, my husband has one of these friends and this guy calls all the time and every time they talk, I can hear his loud voice on the phone, even if my husband is sitting across the room! Yes, this guy knew right away where to go for a DOT certification! (Naturally.) So, my husband took the info and hung up and called this "doctor" right away to make an appointment, She was able to fit him in right away, which was great! Because, it was due in a couple of weeks. So, everything went fine. He sent his info in on time and we didn't think twice about it.....

A few months later, we receive a letter from Penndot...the DOT exam was rejected and my husband's CDL was being taken away! This was a terrible, terrible day. We had no idea what to think, no clue as to why it would have been rejected, nothing. Sure enough, his buddy who knows everything calls that evening to laugh about that crazy lady who did their DOT physicals. It turns out, she didn't have her certification and she wasn't even a doctor! Seriously.

Well, it was all over the news and in the papers, and of course it made it to Facebook. Apparently, she was just some random lady who once held some sort of medical certification, just not a doctor, and she had fake DOT certifications! I really still can not understand how so many people fell for this and why it went on for so long. She was arrested and charged but, all of these drivers were now stuck! Now, some apparently were well aware that she was fake and they went to her because she would lie a bit about medical conditions. My husband had no idea but, I do wonder if his "friend", Mr Know It All, was aware of this.

Luckily, and I do mean, LUCKILY, we were able to get all of this cleared and his CDL was OK because he called and waited on hold for hours and hours and hours. He found another doctor, one that was much further away but certainly certified! Until, he came home from that appointment and showed me his paperwork. He said the receptionist was having a hard time filling out his license number and birthdate and he had to correct her several times. She finally fixed it and said not to worry. But, it was still wrong. This just led to me having to call repeatedly, trying to figure out if this would cause an issue with his license. They assured me over and over again, it would be fine. Well, it wasn't.

We received another letter from Penndot, this one was certified and had my husband's CDL listed as invalid! More time off of work, more hours at the DOT, more drama and a lot of lost wages, all because of a ditzy receptionist who didn't really fix anything at all. What a nightmare!

So, if you know of a doctor who has a good team, especially a receptionist who knows what she is doing, and they don't offer DOT physicals, please, please, please, ask them to get their dot certification training for medical examiners. We need trustworthy, reliable doctors and more of them! I would have never imagined it would be so hard to find a decent doctor who had their certification. I mean, we do live in a very rural area but, close enough to bigger cities that there should be several options! 


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