Monday, August 31, 2015

Snuggle Bear's Summer Adventures

** We received a Snuggle Bear in return for our post and social media shares. (and for taking Snuggle Bear on a few fun adventures this summer!) **

Deegan, (our youngest) was just the happiest boy in the world the day that Snuggle Bear arrived! He immediately claimed him as his own and decided that he would never let him go. I couldn't say no to the cutie pies. Even his sister and brother were ok with it! We couldn't say no to those big dimples and the little bottom lip face.

I am a member of the Snuggle Bear Den and one of our missions was to have a #SnuggleSummer and document some summer fun with the famous Snuggle Bear himself! We haven't gone on vacation just yet but, we will be going to Cedar Point next month for Bloggy Con 15 and Snuggle will be right there with us. I don't think he is tall enough for any of the roller coasters, so, he will probably have to stick with the kiddie rides.

Since we stayed at home and had some outdoor activities and day trips, Deegan and his bff came along, everywhere we went. (It's at the point when I need to buy a few of these just in case he gets lost. I can't begin to imagine the tears so, I must have backup!)

We made sure Snuggle Bear was safe during rides in the truck. He fits right in with Deegan in his booster seat. Safety first! He had a lot of fun going to eat pizza, shopping at the mall, playing in the park, he even went for ice cream.

Most of his days have been spent having some cereal for breakfast, watching a few cartoons and then it's off into the yard for some army guy adventures!

He is a good partner and even has his own camo gloves that Deegan's big sister made for him. That way, he can match his best friend, Deegan, when they are trying to hide from the enemy. (The enemy is usually Deegan's brother and sister and sometimes our dogs!) 

After they play for an hour or 4, it's time to head inside to play Legos, Lincoln Logs, have some snacks, (Snuggle loves homemade fruit roll ups, homemade granola bars, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch without milk.) 

Since Deegan and Snuggle are a little bit to big to take naps, they just sit down and have quiet time for about 30 minutes and read some books. After that quick resting time, they are both full of energy and ready for another round of Call of Duty, cops, or army guys and then dinner. 

Princess Genevive even found a cute little pj set for Snuggle to wear to bed and he also loves to play with his friend, Stripey the Lion, Deegan's Necknapperz pal. See how happy the best friend crew is? 

This is the look (looks) we get when we ask, "Do you guys want to go for ice cream?" or "Get some shoes on! Daddy is taking you to the park!" 
2 HUGE smiles :)

After a long, hard day playing, reading, eating, playing some more, watching Tom and Jerry, (Snuggle Bear and Deegan think this is the most hilarious show! I have to record every episode for them,), making new friends, having a fun trip to the park, and eating some more, it's time for bedtime! (I know, you would think they would look a little more exhausted, right?) 

I am on my way to order a few backups because I keep having nightmares about the day that we can't find Snuggle. I hope this doesn't happen but if it does, I will never be able to break this little boy's heart. 

Did you have a Snuggle Bear when you were a kid? Where was your favorite place to take him? 

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