Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pandora's Succession Book Review

** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. **

On the very first page, you are introduced to, Ridley Fox, who had just woke up after blacking out in Chechnya. You are immediately suffering from a pounding headache when you read the first paragraph and you are right there with Ridley, staring down the barrel of a Russian AK 108 assault rifle. Did I get your attention?

So, before I begin explaining a bit about what this intriguing, gripping, spy thriller is about, I must tell you, I am floored, (like, totally), with Russell Brooks' writing style. Honestly, I wish Clive Barker would take a few lessons here. (Yes, I said it. Yes, I mean it.) I just can't sit through a book when the author takes a page, or in Barker's case, a few pages, to describe the scene or the pain or the dress that the woman was wearing who walked by. It isn't necessary and I lose interest in books like that because I just don't particularly care so much about insignificant details.

What is fascinating about this book and this author, is that he is capable of painting the picture in a paragraph. Short, precise, detailed and onto the next thing. I found this to be true for the entire book and for me, this is something I envy and something I wish more writers would be able to do. Of course, writing styles are all unique and everybody enjoys something different. I just happen to like more of a story, more action and less of the "Look at me! I read a thesaurus today and I used all of the words instead of just a few!

That being said, I do wish this story would have lasted a tiny bit longer. It is a very fast moving, quick story that I feel has a few more chapters of life in it. I think at times, I felt a little rushed and some of the elaborations and "secrets" and different parts of the story that could have had more play, seemed to end abruptly. Sort of like the condensed version of the actual, entire book. Remember Cliff Notes?

This book fits in my favorite genre so, maybe I am being a bit partial but, this book has everything you would wish for in an action packed thriller, spy thriller, suspense, wherever you want to put this book. The story is good, the characters are interesting and it is delivered to you in a tight knit, well put together, little package. You won't be taking to many breaks with this one and you will ether be taking the book or your kindle to the bathroom if you start it. So, be sure to have some time available before beginning.

Ok, so, back to the book. Ridley Fox's fiance was murdered a couple of years ago and Ridley makes it his personal mission to hunt down the killers. It seems he gets in a lot deeper than what he expected or assumed he would be in, when he uncovers the terrorist group's plot to take over the world.

The Arms of Ares, are their name and they have a biological weapon called, Pandora. Ridley learns throughout the story, that Arms of Ares has been successful in infiltrating some of the world's highest organizations. (The British and the Russians!) He also meets, Dr Marx from the CDC and finds that Dr Marx is also aware of Pandora.

Pandora is an organism that feeds on DNA and not just Arms of Ares has this organism... Pandora could eat through an entire human in just a minute or 2 and there is no way to stop it.

Pandora's Succession has a mole in the CIA, creeps from the CDC, new world order, terrorists, cults, enough action to keep your heart pounding and you can tell the author did his homework when having to write about biological warfare, weapons, other countries and intelligence operatives.

I am very interested in reading books by Russell Brooks and I hope to grab a few autographed copies as well. (I found on his website that you can order these and I think that is one of the coolest options an author offers and would be a prized possession!)

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