Thursday, August 20, 2015

ROHA Measuring Spoons Review

** I received a free product in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. **

I am always in the kitchen, it seems. There is an army here who never stops needing food and drinks and I recently made a small makeshift office at the kitchen table so I can catch up on my computer work and emails and everything else a busy mom does. It's kind of where I spend most of my day and evening and part of the night time.

Of course a lot of my time here is cooking, baking, preparing, mixing, even butter and cheesemaking. So, of course, a good set of measuring spoons are a must have for me!

I like that these measuring spoons are light weight and stainless steel. I also think it's imperative to have the measurements, engraved in the spoon itself. Just like the other reviewers stated, it helps to not have the measurements rub off when you wash them. I also like the handy little ring that connects all of the spoons. I usually won't even bother with a set of measuring spoons without a ring to attach them to so I can hang them on a hook on the wall or my bakers rack.

These do the job and I don't really have anything negative to say about them. They are well made, the price is right and they are one of the best for the job. I will say, I did expect them to be a tad bit sturdier. I do like that they are light weight but they are very light weight and they are slightly bendable. But, this is just a personal preference and nothing at all against how they are made. I just happen to like things a little heavier then these.

I would recommend these to anybody who cooks or bakes or just needs a set or an extra set of measuring spoons. Yes, I would purchase a set if anything were to happen to these. I have a few sets and I like this specific set for granulated sugar and brown sugar. They just seem to be easier to get into bags or containers and level off. More so than other measuring spoons. To me, that alone makes them feel much more precise.

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