Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beads For Every Occasion

I never put much thought into it until just recently when it occurred to me, (or my 8 year old daughter started her bead obsession.), that beads aren't just for making those little friendship safety pins we used to make in school. There are actually a lot of crafts and absolutely gorgeous things you can do with beads!

I consider myself a "DIY'er" however, I am limited to creating recipes, candle making, homemade beauty products, cheesemaking and my new fascination, mason jars and doilies and lots of pretty paints! I can't sew, (I know, weird huh?) My husband is in charge of fixing any buttons or hems or holes and I don't really want to learn at this point. I don't have the time, nor do I have the patience to even thread the needle. Sometimes, I think about all of the cute bags and things I could make if I only knew how to sew but then I get the needle and thread out and I'm ready to scream in about 5 minutes!

I stumbled across this website, that sells mill hill beads and after finding that beads just aren't the same anymore. (This is a good thing!) I think I may have to start a collection of different beads! I know my youngest daughter would go crazy over being able to make some beaded bracelets and design her own handbags, pencil cases, even bead dazzle a shirt or 2!

Now, if you are already a bead expert, don't laugh at me. When I think of beads, I just think of the typical, solid color beads that I used to buy by the bagful as a kid so I could make those totally rad safety pins to clip onto my backpacks. I didn't realize there are antique beads, glass beads, frosted glass beads, wooden beads, different shaped beads, I am completely shocked at the variety available!

If you are a newbie like me, you can start out with some kits and even try some wooden bead crafts first. I have been finding a lot of kid friendly and newbie friendly, bead crafts on Pinterest and on several craft blogs. I may be able to graduate to something really fancy and maybe make some beaded sleeves for my collection of mason jars! What do you think?

Maybe, after threading some beads, I will get the hang of it and be able to thread that sewing needle. Then, maybe I can get to these stacks of mix matched fabric squares I bought and make some fairy tale, drawstring bags!

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