Friday, July 24, 2015

My Little One's New BFF

** We received compensation in return for our review. All opinions are my own. **

One morning, we received a package in the mail and although I knew what would be inside of there, we had no idea which Necknapperz friend it would be. We already decided who would be able to call the new toy/pillow their friend and that was, Deegan. He's 5 and loves stuffed animals, Legos, dinosaurs, Minecraft, Tom and Jerry, all that typical little kid and little boy stuff. But, he loves to snuggle with his animals and his mommy, especially at night. He also needs something soft and cuddly when he builds his fort, fights Enderman, and tries to collect as many diamonds as his little heart desires!

All of the kids watched the Necknapperz video, over and over and over again and they each picked out their favorite ones. (Yes, I do need to order a few since we all fell in love with these adorable, soft, comfy, pillowy pals.) Deegan shrieked with delight when he saw his first pick inside, the tiger!

Not only is the tiger a cuddly friend who enjoys hanging out with teddy bears, all of the kids and even the Lego minifigures. But he is also a helpful friend when it comes to rest and relaxation.

Genevive is always super happy to borrow Deegan's Necknapper while she watches her favorite shows, reads a book, plays Minecraft or takes long rides in the truck. I think everybody's favorite part is the sweet little tiger picture on the pillow after you turn the tiger into a Necknapper.

You can choose from over 20 different Necknapperz friends. They have cool names like, Grizzly the Bear, Hopper the Frog, Oinky the Pig, and Diver the Dolphin. Just like my little ones say, "They only cost $19.99 so we can each pick a couple of Necknapperz!"

Our review of Necknapperz, is a 5 star review. They are well made, very comfortable, even my youngest can easily transform between his new best friend or an ergonomic neck pillow and you can tell each one is made with love. The tiger has the sweetest features and the extra special touch, adding the outline of the tiger onto the pillow, is much appreciated by little ones! Necknapperz would be perfect for families who travel by car, plane, boat, bus, or train. They are huggably soft and provide lots of relaxation and support. (and yes, the price is quite reasonable too!)

You can also find Necknapperz on Facebook.

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