Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Must Have For Sleepovers, Camping, And All Summer Long

These are the perfect addition for any slumber party! I am so happy I found an actual canister of 100 rather then having to grab a bunch of smaller packs and possibly running out. (Yes, the price is very nice to!)

We have been using these so often and you would think we would have run out by now but, we sometimes freeze some and reuse them. (This doesn't always work BUT it works sometimes.) It seems that the green and yellow work well for refreezing and I have no idea why. (If anybody knows why, please, fill me in!) I have 4 kids so, everything I buy or make, has to be a bit bigger or in excess of, so that everybody has their fair share. Plus, we always like to be sure we have enough for friends, guests, play dates and spontaneous princess parties!


This 100 pack of glow bracelets (or glow sticks if you don't want to use the included attachments), come in a nifty canister and are very reasonably priced! So far, we only had a couple of duds and that is expected. I actually expected more, since if I buy a 10 pack, I usually have a couple that don't work, at least.

The color selection inside the can also made the girls shriek with delight! Yes, there are pinks and purples and the boys were happy with orange and green. (The typical glow stick colors.) They sometimes end up making necklaces or glow stick circles to throw around the backyard and much to my surprise, these actually worked and stayed together quite well!

This is a product I would purchase again. Especially since we host several parties, sleepovers and have neighborhood kids over a lot. These make great party favors, they are perfect and inexpensive enough to hand out to friend's and neighbor kids and they make fun special treats for movie nights or sleep in the living room night.

I would also recommend these to anybody who needs extra prizes, treats for classrooms, your kid's sports teams, your community center, teachers, day cares, anything where kids are involved, these will certainly bring smiles to their faces!

I also use these for chore rewards, in our, "Behavior Bucks Store" (This is where the kids can buy items with their "behavior bucks" that they earned each  month.). We make our own "Healthy Happy Meals" and the kids love these because they have their favorite snacks, healthy foods and  a small prize inside. These work well for those too!

I think another fun use for these would be for games after dark, in the warmer months. Hide and seek maybe? I know you can come up with something! I would also love suggestions! Please comment with your ideas for family fun with glow sticks!

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