Friday, July 24, 2015

If I Could Be Anywhere, I Would Be...

Ever since I was a little girl who wanted to grow up to be Holly Hobbie or Laura Ingalls, I wanted to travel to some of the most mysterious and alluring places. Here I am at 41 and I haven't left the continent yet! I dreamed of Austria, Hungary, (my ancestors came to the United States from there!), Poland, Russia, Australia, Iceland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and The Netherlands, 

I devoured every book, rushed to the library to borrow any VHS tapes I could find about any of these faraway places, I anxiously awaited assignments in school where we could choose a country to learn and write about. I even started listening to shortwave radio stations from as many countries as I could pick up on my little transistor like radios. Even today, I will sit and watch other people's vacations on Youtube and if you check my viewing history, you'll find every documentary known to man, (or the world wide web)

I started to collect pen pals from these places, but the only friends who would write back were from Russia and Indiana. (Yes, I know Indiana is part of the United States!) but, one of the pen pal organizations I signed up with, paired me up with a girl named, Anna Laybarger, from Indiana. (By the way, if Anna is reading this or somebody who knows her is, please let her know I think about her a lot and would love to reconnect!) 

As I got older and had children of my own, I still long to visit these enchanting places. Maybe even more so now, since I can search for anything I want to know and find images, facts, people, video, the whole world is at my fingertips. As much as the internet fascinates me, I long for the days when we had to use encyclopedias, imagine, write letters and mail postcards.. So, I try to keep doing things this way so that my children have those same experiences. 

Since I am older and my budget for travel is limited, (for now.), I have found that there are just as many extraordinary places right here in my own country, (The United States). There are so many places I would like to see across this country. I do hope that someday, I can travel through each state and eat the local food, shop at the mom and pop shops, check out the local attractions and ride any roller coasters they may have there!

I was recently asked to write a post about where I would like to go for vacation and after thinking about this for a few days, I decided that I would be thrilled to drive cross country. Williamsburg, VA was at the top of my list until I decided that maybe, if I zig zag and plan accordingly, I can hit all of the spots I have on my list and find all of the treasures I can. Maybe a scavenger hunt kind of vacation? I do love scavenger hunts so, that just might end up being what my change jars get cashed in for.

Now I can't get Depeche Mode's, "Get your kicks on Route 66" out of my head! I will probably stay away from Route 66 if I can, just because that will be all I hear!

I don't know how much time I would need to get across the country and back and visit every state I wish to visit. I plan on camping whenever possible and eating all of the local food and shopping at all of the unique shops. (Lewes, Delaware is one of my favorites for things like this!) But, since Wow Summit takes place in San Diego this year, I just may have to drive from Pennsylvania to Chicago (after a few zig zags of course!) and hop onto Route 66.

Well it winds from Chicago to L. A.
More than two thousand miles all the way
Get your kicks on Route 66
Well it goes to St. Louis, down to Missouri
Oklahoma City looks oh, so pretty
You'll see Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico
Flagstaff, Arizona, don't forget Wynonna
Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino

ProFlowers created this totally fun campaign, #MySummerStaycation. All you have to do is share your dream getaway on social media and don't forget to add the hashtag: #MySummerStaycation!

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