Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cottonelle Mega Roll

** I received a sample of Cottenelle Mega Roll through Crowdtap in return for my honest review. All statements are my own. **

This is a little ridiculous, I know. I am writing a blog post about toilet paper. Well, I mean, this new mega Roll is quite amazing (Yes, amazing is an overused adjective these days.) But, I can't really think of another way to put it. Fabulous? Fantastic? Awesome? (another overused adjective), Radical? Gnarly? (Ok, now I'm showing my age.) You know what I mean.

I received this 9 roll pack of Mega Roll toilet paper and believe me, in a house of 5 (was 6 and sometimes feels like 20), a 9 roll pack doesn't last much longer then a week. Sometimes, it wouldn't even last a full week. Cottonelle says each Mega Roll is equal to 4 rolls of toilet paper. Ok, I thought this was absurd at first too. It ends up, they are correct and it will be hard to change back to any Ultra, Double, Triple roll, ever again. Of course, we have a stockpile of ultra triple rolls toilet paper. I order so much online when I find a good sale so, we have to get through that pile first. As soon as we do, I am switching to Cottonelle Mega Roll. (Oh yeah, the price is nice too. It also helped that there was a $1.50 off coupon, attached to the pack I received from Crowdtap!)

I never did understand why the toilet paper holders always have more room, plenty of room, for BIGGER ROLLS! So many stepped up to the plate, but here we are, no matter how ultra, triple, quadruple they get, there is still room to expand. It seems Cottonelle just figured this out.

When my 11 year old asked what I was writing about tonight, I said, "I have to write about the new toilet paper we have been using." and he said, "Well, like you always say, look at that roll and think about the type of personality that roll would have if you were writing a story. What do you see?" I said, "Well, it reminds me of a superhero. The kind that saw a tired, super busy mom who finally had a break to run to the bathroom and just sat down and for the first time ever, the roll wasn't empty. Matter of fact, it was like an endless supply of toilet paper and when your kids and husband are to lazy to change it, it's ok, because, it's the MEGA ROLL!" My cartoon loving, video game addict just nodded and said, "Yeah, I was thinking something like that. and if he had a name, it would be, Larry, Larry the Mega Roll!" So, yeah, see? Even the little ones agree!

One of my favorite ways to get essential oils in our everyday lives, is to make everything scented. I always add a few drops of lime, lemon or orange oil on the tube and when it rolls, you get a nice scent of citrus! Most days, I end up doing this at least once. But, with the Mega Rolls, it hasn't been a daily, "Oh, I have to grab my oil to put in the tube!" task. Because, it actually lasts!

I can't help it. Little things make me so ecstatically happy that sometimes I can't stop talking about it! Something as little as the size of a toilet paper roll, does matter and it does help in many areas of our lives. (Unless I'm just crazy.) But, I do believe that Cottonelle totally saved me a lot of unnecessary stress.

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