Sunday, June 7, 2015

Need Another Reason To Host A Cookout?

** I received a free product of Johnsonville Grillers, through Crowdtap, in return for my honest review. All statements are my own. **

Yes! I was just about jumping out of my seat when I received an email from Crowdtap that I was accepted for the Johnsonville Grillers Sample and Share! Of course we grill food and burgers and hot dogs are top of our list for summer meals. Plus, I get a night off from cooking dinner since my husband will grill and I just have to worry about getting everything out of the freezer, on plates and maybe set the table. Oh and then, the kids all run outside with their dad while he grills so that is a nice bonus! Free time! Woohoo! So, yeah, you can probably see why this was just like getting a bouquet of flowers delivered!

I know, you're probably sitting there, thinking, "Ok, like, were they good burgers or what?" Yes. I would say so. But, I have to tell you about the grocery store trip first!

I was just out and about running errands, not expecting to see Johnsonville Grillers already, at our local grocery store. We live in a rural area and it seems to take our grocery store a bit longer to get most new products in but, these were highlighted the very same week I was out and just got word I would be trying these out so, I grabbed several boxes.

There was a sale and Johnsonville Grillers are already reasonably priced and they had a display with $1 off 1 box coupons so, I figured I would stock up while I was shopping. Johnsonville offers 5 flavors/types and I grabbed up 2 of each of 3 of those 5. We tried: Cheddar and Bacon, Mushroom and Swiss and Steakhouse Onion. They also have: Original Brat and Cheddar.

As soon as I came home with all of the groceries and our 6 boxes of burgers, of course, everybody was like, "Woohoo! Dad should cook dinner tonight!" (Grill dinner.) Thankfully, he did and we were able to try these much anticipated, flavorful burgers. This is the kid's favorite time of year for many reasons. School is almost out (out for the summer now.) and it's burger, hot dog and roasting marshmellow time.

I'm the only one who will eat a mushroom and swiss burger so, I rarely, very rarely get the chance to have one so this was starting to seem more like a holiday or a vacation then anything! I still wonder now, looking back, if maybe I was to anxious and expecting something that was going to just be so out of this world that I would never change back to any other brand. I don't know exactly what happened but I feel like I was let down. Again, I don't know how much of this was my fault.

I went back to the grocery store the next week and bought out usual brand of cheddar and bacon burgers and we decided to have a taste test grill party. The kids were definitely up for this and another night off from cooking a whole meal on my own, absolutely!!

We had the 2 Cheddar and Bacon brands, our usual and Johnsonville Grillers, Mushroom and Swiss and the yummiest of all, Steakhouse Onion. Now, we did enjoy the Steakhouse Onion quite a bit. Out of all of the flavor varieties we tried by Johnsonville, that is the one we will buy regularly because it does have a good taste to it and it tastes like what it says it is on the box.

The Johnsonville Cheddar and Bacon and Mushroom and Swiss, sort of just tasted the same but they weren't bad tasting, They just didn't seem to be as exceptionally tasty as first thought. I wouldn't rush to the store to buy them and I wouldn't purchase them but I would buy them to have for a gathering with family, neighbors and friends since they are reasonably priced and they are worth the money. I would probably stick with Steakhouse Onion and then offer toppings although, I believe Cheddar and Bacon will be a big hit for some too.

One of the reasons Johnsonville Grillers won't be replacing our regular brand, for now, is because all of the flavors seem to taste similar and have the same "grill like" flavor already wrapped into them. No matter how you cook them, you will have the fresh off of the grill taste, which some will love. However, I think that the "grill like" taste is slightly overpowering and takes away from the other flavors in the burgers.

They do look so tempting and  flavorful it really is a shame that we didn't fall in love with them at first bite. The Johnsonville Grillers also had a bit more grease inside for some reason, then other burgers and maybe that is the "grill like" flavor, all locked up and is to be meant as juicy? I don't know. But, we just weren't fans.

This was my 2nd Johnsonville Mushroom and Swiss burger, as you can see, I did have to add some mushrooms and swiss cheese to make it taste more like a mushroom and swiss burger. I ate one without extra toppings and if it weren't for the fact that I could see the little bits of toppings inside, I would have never known it was a Mushroom and Swiss Griller.

I would recommend the Johnsonville Griller line to people who want something better then a plain old burger for when a lot of company is stopping by. If you are on a budget, these will be perfect! I would also recommend to people who love the grill taste whether they make them inside in a pan or in a George Foreman grill or on the grill. If you are sick of regular, bland burgers but you aren't really into burgers that have cheese dripping off and come extra loaded, then these may be the perfect fit! I didn't expect them to be super duper bursting with cheddar cheese and bacon or anything but I did expect to be able to tell the difference with my eyes closed.

More pros about Johnsonville Grillers: Johnsonville is a trusted, well known brand that has been around for awhile. We do purchase other Johnsville products and we love them a lot. But, they are the Johnsonville sausage products. Although, I am still searching for the Italian sausage slices in a store near me!! Another pro, they are fast and simple to make! Perfect for a quick dinner when your schedule is busy with baseball, soccer, whatever your kids are busy with this summer. and again, these are perfect for the person who wants something just a little more then a plain hamburger or cheeseburger. You may like the locked in grill taste and if you doctor these babies up just right, they may end up being your new favorite!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Johnsonville Grillers. Have you tried them? What do you think? Are you a fan of Johnsonville sausage products like we are? Do you have any suggestions or recipes for the Griller varieties?


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