Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Joy Williams Venus Album Review

** I participated in the Joy Williams Venus album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own. **


 This is the first I have heard of Joy Williams, when I received an email about the opportunity to review her album. So, I immediately started checking Google and Youtube and started researching a bit about her and learned about her days with, The Civil Wars and found out about her son, Miles and many other interesting tidbts and realized, she is quite the interesting person!

So, naturally, I was pretty anxious to hear this album and have the chance to help spread the word and write up a review. First, I have to say, I listen to a lot of different music and I tend to stick with heavier stuff. Mostly thrash metal, hardcore, but also freestyle, old school rap and hip hop and a few other genres. One of my most favorite artists of all time, is, PJ Harvey. (Polly Jean Harvey). Which is odd, because it doesn't "fit" any of my other favorite genres. I like to say that I like the best of the best in each and every genre there is. And a lot of those genres seem to be just one artist. Much like, PJ Harvey or even Bjork. From what I've found and listened to of Joy Williams, I believe she also "fits" into this category of artists who don't necessarily "fit" into those little tabs and labels that you find at record stores.

She is indeed, all on her own and I imagine that is what really did it for me and really makes her as seriously appealing as she is. I have been enjoying reading about her life and how she decided to go on her own and create her own album. I also find it intriguing that she is such a gracious, very talented artist but yet, she is a typical mom who has been on a journey to find herself and now she is sharing this with the universe! The best part of Venus, is that we are able to hear about how Joy ended up here, how she became happy just being herself and we are able to envision the paths she took to get here. It's such an enthralling album and a wonderful way to "meet" an artist you knew nothing about or even if you did know a bit about her before.


Now, from what I gather, it seems, (at least from comments on Youtube and other social media.), there are a lot of people trying to compare, Joy Williams and her new music to The Civil Wars. I did listen to a bit from The Civil Wars and I only hope that this album sets her apart enough from The Civil Wars, enough for people to realize who she really is and who she has become.

Joy has a very strong voice, she really rates up there with other phenomenal singers and I am very impressed with her lyrics. Lyrically, this album is a 5 star album. She really did an outstanding job on this album and has made her mark in music history. (At least in my opinion.) I would hope to hear more from her in the near future. Venus, will end up being one of those unforgettable albums and every song is quite intense, very moving and I think we will find that she gains a large amount of new fans, thanks to Venus.

There are 11 tracks on this album and I can't really choose a favorite. I love them all and think most will find the same.

1. Before I Sleep
2. Sweet Love of Mine
3. Woman (Oh Mama)
4. One Day I Will
5. Not Good Enough
6. What a Good Woman Does (I believe if I have to pick a favorite, this is it!!)
7. Until the Levee
8. You Loved Me
9. The Dying Kind
10. Till Forever
11. Welcome Home

I don't mean to compare her to other artists but I can't help but hear PJ Harvey in Joy's music, which doesn't mean that I think she is trying to be like PJ Harvey in any way or that it's a bad thing, because it's completely the opposite. Joy definitely stands out in a crowd. With her raw talent and brilliant mind, very well rounded personality, awesome outlook on life and in everything, she far surpasses many, many, many around her.

Venus will be available on June 29th and available for purchase through Amazon  and iTunes.

You can find, Joy Williams on Youtube,  her website, Facebook,  Twitter,  and on Instagram.

PS!! I probably shouldn't add a review of a person when reviewing their album but, I guess in a sense, that is what an album review is? I think it is, just a little bit. Anyway, I just wanted to add one thing and that is that if you follow, Joy, on her social media networks, she will probably respond to you and that says a lot about an artist to me. I have been sharing my review, also sharing her album info on Twitter and every day, I receive a notification that, The Joy Williams, either favorited or retweeted my Tweet! I feel that this speaks volumes about a person. Especially one who is as busy as she is. There is so much more I could add to this paragraph but, I'll leave it just at that :)

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