Sunday, May 3, 2015

Why Floyd Mayweather Is The Best Ever

I think just like voting, in order to watch a boxing match and have an opinion afterwards, just so you don't go running your mouth like a fool, you should be required to pass a test so you know what boxing is.

Boxing is NOT UFC, (thank God), it isn't WWE (thank God), you don't usually get bloodbaths, (It's a shame but there are different types of fighters with different skills), knockouts don't always happen, blocking, ducking and "running" is necessary and vital duh. Do you really believe a boxer is to be just standing there, arms down, by the ropes, just taking a beating? Nope. He/she is to duck, get out of there and get in a better position. Speed, agility, footwork, it's all a scientific process and not a lot of boxers have this down 100% or even 50%. But, Floyd Mayweather does.

Manny didn't ever stand a chance in there last night. His only hope was a lucky punch and a knockout. It didn't happen because Floyd doesn't get hit, he's to fast, smooth and will gain energy and power, the longer you make him duck and block.

Apparently, a lot of people who aren't boxing fans, bought this fight or watched it somewhere and assumed they would see some bloodbath and I'm sorry you didn't realize what either boxer is. It wasn't going to happen between these 2 fighters.

What did you pay the $100 for?

Undercards, the main event, witnessing the best boxer in all of history, win fairly and you were a part of the crowd who got to see the most incredible, most fascinating boxer ever known, prove once again, that he is capable of studying his opponent, ripping his opponent down, training for months just to beat that style, Mayweather and Mayweather alone, has proved to the world, once again, that he is unbeatable. WHY? It's simple. He knows the sport. He can beat any style fighter, he masters every technique, nobody can get a lucky punch in, he's to alert, he's to aware, he knows what his opponent will do even before his opponent knows what he's going to do.

Hate him all you want, but you have to be fair and give credit where it's due. Floyd managed to break the entire sport down to his own science and he is the professor. He figured out how to tackle the world of boxing and has come out on top and he just keeps getting better. It's quite an unbelievable experience.

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