Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Update On My RSD And Bone And Joint Debacle

I spent the day at Hershey Med Center and got some good news!!
 I have an awesome surgeon who will schedule surgeries, whenever I want them. But, only surgeries to cut scar tissue out, remove some metal and somehow take some rheumatoid arthritis out so that I can have a little pain relief from injections.
I can get a series of 3 injections, 3 times per year and they actually help the top of my left foot and I'll be able to move it a bit better, just for a month, so, I have to schedule them for the best times. The first few days are way more intense then my regular eye watering, ear piercing pain levels, but, it subsides and helps that 1 section. (which is 1 of the worst, because, I can't lift my left foot up and it always feels like there are cinder blocks on the top of my foot.)
I still won't be able to wear shoes BUT once neurology, rheumatology and pain management give him the go ahead, he can start more bone fusions and fix the distorted fusion I had done on the top of my foot.
I just have to go into some sort of remission before he even thinks of scheduling those surgeries, but, at least I can have the others for now
It wasn't more than 2 months since my last emg, mri and blood work, but at least nothing went downhill as of today's tests, so, that's also kinda cool. 

This winter has been crazy for pain! Well, this winter has been horrible for many things! No internet service, ice storms, snow storms, high winds, wind gusts, below 0 temperatures, it has been freezing cold! There are days that Alaska was much warmer than Pennsylvania and I just can't believe that, lol. I can only hope that this is soon over and spring is almost here. I just want to open the windows, go outside without having to ice skate, start our garden and pick strawberries and chase the kids out the door everyday so they can play and get fresh air!! 

We have had a storm almost every 3 days since the beginning of the year. I know there are other areas that have had much worse conditions and some areas who have been getting hit with strange weather that they aren't really used too. Fortunately, we are used to this in PA. Well, maybe not the extreme cold and having ice storms so often, but the snow is pretty typical here. 

I believe the weather has a lot to do with my pain levels and on many different levels. Rain, snow, cold, humidity, wind, thunderstorms, snowstorms, ice storms, you name it. But, if I could just get outside, I would be so much happier!! 

I am looking forward to meeting with a fresh, new team of doctors once in awhile and getting some new brains in there to help try and figure out what we can do here. Hopefully, these injections will help for a little while, until I can get into a remission of sorts so that I can hit my new surgeon up for some, well, surgery. Not that I want any more surgery, but, some of this has to be fixed so I can get around a bit better. 

If you are a fellow chronic pain/auto immune/obscure disorder, neurological disorder patient, please comment and find me online! I always love to chat and sign up with support groups and meet new people. Sometimes just talking helps ;)

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