Monday, October 3, 2011

My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software Review and Giveaway!

This software I was so generously given an opportunity to review, is so much fun to create things with!
I have never been much of a scrapbooker, but I am addicted to this software and I found that it is not just for scrapbooking!
I have since signed up for the newsletter, from, and they have very cool deals and specials, included some free downloads.
I was having a hard time getting this download and starting this new hobby, due to printer issues, and ink problems, and I am finally able to print all of our creations. ( The kids are super happy about this!).
I have only recently started blogging, and learning all I can about computers, blogging, and everything in between. I have to say, it has been an adventure! I pick new goals each week, and each day, and it is quite fulfilling when I can cross something off my list.
For being fairly new and trying to teach myself so many things, this My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software, was a blessing! It was so simple to install, and start the whole process, not to mention how simple it is to start creating your pages, pictures, cards, practically anything you want! (I just recently started learning how to mess with pictures, edit, cropping, etc, with our caveman years digital camera, lol), so i was shocked at how easy this was to place the pictures right  where I want them.
The variety of layouts, and templates, will keep you occupied and allow for many, many, scrapbooks pages or virtually anything you can think of! I have come across some very adorable blog templates and buttons, made from this software, so that is something I am attempting next! I have been reading blogs that I have found through Mymemories on Facebook, and they are some of the prettiest, and coolest designs I have seen!
This is something every mom, grandma, dad, blogger, crafter, business, anybody, should have! There is so much you can do with this, and the price is just right. $39.97 for the complete My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software, is a nice price! They also offer backup, and updated versions as well, for a very low price. I was given a coupon code you can use, to receive $10 off the final price of your order!! This can be placed directly in the coupon code box at checkout! You can click here to purchase the software and when you get to the checkout process, (You should check out the other kits they offer! There is a "free kits" tab at the top of the page!!), you can enter this coupon code, STMMMS10452, for $10 off of your order! (This code is only for the My Memories Suite v2, but this software will start you out on tons and tons of options for creating so many things!
While you are grabbing this software, you have to check out all of their deals! They have freebies, like I mentioned before, and dollar deals, digital scrapbooking kits, very gorgeous album templates, and a Design Club!
The Design Club is $5.99 per month and you can cancel at any time, (although I doubt you will want too) because they will give you 5 exclusive new kits, each month! You also get access to the new designs, a month before everybody else! You also will receive specials, promos, extra super deals for Design Club members, AND the best part, (ok, one of the best parts, because the 5 exclusive new kits each month is very cool!), is you will receive a 5% discount for every 6 consecutive months that you stay in the Design Club! (up to 20%!!). That discount applies to anything in their store, and is stackable with other deals and promotional discounts. I am very impressed with that deal, compared to other "clubs', i have never come across such awesome benefits!
Back to my review of this real amazing download! I am just amazed at the amount of designs, colors, shapes, templates, textures, shadows, all kinds of extras in this software download, that is very simple to put together, and looks wonderful! The picture at the top of this post, is the very first page I created with My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software. I am so happy and shocked that I was able to do this, and I am spending the rest of our rainy day, creating more pages!
On top of all of the real cool and cute flowers, and ribbons, and shapes, the parts I am in love with are the textures! The shadowing tool is very neat too! I just think this is super cool! I love how it adds dimension to the pages! You have to look at all of the embellishments there is! I am just so thrilled to have this, and i keep coming up with new ideas for gifts and pages.
There are many options to share your creations, you can print your own creations, or have them professionally made into a book, (or books). you can order as many of these hard bound books as you would like. An excellent idea for relations for the holidays!
You can also choose to have a DVD made, or view on your iPod.
There is also a way to make your scrapbook interactive, and you can send to long distance friends and family. They can play video, and you can embed files, and share links. You can make calendars, cards, trading cards for your children's sports teams, make posters, and videos to share with family!
This is the perfect gift also, for your favorite pro scrapbooker! They will have a blast with this program, I have read lots of reviews about this program, and it seems that there are several avid scrapbookers, who have been using this software, and only this software. (You do not have to use the templates that are provided, you can make one from scratch!)
You have to check out their website, and see for yourself, all of the designs, templates, kits and options you will have with! Think of all of the money saved making your own greeting cards and calendars!!
Don't forget, if you go here and enter the coupon code, you will receive $10 off! (making this software, the final price of $29.97!) The holidays are coming up and this would also be a great gift for family and friends! Whether you are making the creations as gifts or purchasing the software for them, it is the perfect, and a very thoughtful gift.
I will be making another post today, as Mymemories, is sponsoring a giveaway for my readers! YAY!!
The giveaway winner will receive a promo code, to install the My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software for FREE!
Check my blogs, and Facebook in the next 24 hours, for this giveaway to be officially announced!

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