Friday, October 21, 2011

CK Bakery Shop

I had the pleasure of staying up late one night a few weeks ago, and luckily being on Facebook to update my page, when I noticed a real cool page, CK Bakery Shop.
You have got to check this business out! WOW!
This business, started out by the owner, baking cakes for her husband and son who were fighting overseas in the war, and sending a little bit of sadly missed home, right to them. Cakes baked in mason jars, and shipped right in a box through the USPS!
This idea and business absolutely fascinated me, and I was overwhelmed with joy, knowing that there are so many amazing people out there in the world.
What a brilliant idea I thought, and I noticed she was offering deals and specials, and I knew i had to try these cakes out right away!!
You have to see the amazing list of flavors and varieties she has available! I just think this is the sweetest idea!
CK Bakery Shop's cakes in a jar, would be an excellent gift for college students, soldiers, elderly friends or family, disabled family members, and friends, anybody who could use a good pick me up and a reminder that someone is thinking about them!
CK Bakery Shop runs a very active and fun Facebook page, head on over and tell them Busymommylist sent you!!
When you get there, you can check her list of flavors, and prices, and the prices are very reasonable, not to mention she runs extra awesome deals and promotions!
She offers a Cake of the Month Club, and minicake samplers, (which is what I received to share with my kids;p)
We received, Chocolate "Cav" Cake, Red Velvet, Chocolate Brownie, Double Chocolate, Blue Star Banner Blueberry, and Stars and Stripes. My favorite was the Chocolate "Cav" Cake, lol. ( chocolate with peanut butter, yum!!)
All of the cakes were just like homemade, and were adorable in the little mini mason jars!
the package we received, was a $15 mini cake sampler, which includes 6 flavors of your choice, and includes shipping costs!!!
Please check out CK Bakery Shop's Facebook page, and place an order asap!!

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