Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Enchanted Potions Giveaway!!

I recently started selling Enchanted Potions products, and I will be doing an order this week, so I can offer gift baskets and gift ideas on Ebay, here, and Facebook.
I am super happy with their products! I have used the lip balms, lotions, shower gel, and shampoo. My 4 year old absolutely loves the bubble gum scented detangling spray I specially ordered! Deegan, and even the other 2 kids, lol, love the fun smelling bath confetti! Plus, they come in adorable little shapes, we have fish and ducks. The little envelopes are so cute, and they last a few baths, depending on how many your kids beg and scream for! Mine all ask for more since they dissolve in the bath water, lol.
This company is very unique, and I am thrilled to be a direct seller for them! I can't wait to start making gift baskets, and posting the pictures and scents.
The best part of this company, is that you can customize your orders, with your choice of scents! They offer a great list, anything from, toasted marshmallow, to bubble gum to candy corn, to sweet pea! Almost every product they offer, is able to be customized with your choice of very good smelling scents!
I love the lip balm, I have a heavy addiction to lip glosses and lip balms and even if it is not pink, (my usual favorite choice), I don't leave the house without it! It works great against chapped lips, and I am happy I ordered 2, since Genevive also loves it, and lip glosses and lip balms have a tendency to get lost around here lol!
I also am falling in love with the chocolate scented shower gel! I pair that up with my toasted marshmellow body lotion, yum!
Anyway, I am offering a free gift with any orders over $50 right now, and 2 free gifts with any order over $75!! You can order through me,, or you can order direct from the website. If you order from the website directly, please remember to put my name, Brandy Oliver, as the sales rep! I will be able to see who ordered and you can email me directly to let me know that you did this, that way, I can ask for your address, and send your free Enchanted Potions products!
Now, let me tell you about the fantastic Enchanted Potions Giveaway!!!
The only requirements for this giveaway are to subscribe to my RSS feed! You have 2 opportunities to enter this way!
The first being this blog,, and the second will be to subscribe to my RSS feed at!
It's very simple! I will then, go through the emails that are subscribed, and through, pick an email, and you will win a $25 Enchanted Potions store credit!! You can order direct through me, and the $25 will be taken off of your order!!
There is one more thing that you may find a little annoying that I would like to explain.
Enchanted Potions makes all of their products, to order. There aren't any shelves or warehouses, filled with products, because, when you place your order, they start from scratch! Wow!! I know, it is a bit long, (usually a 3 week wait), to receive your order, but I guarantee it is well worth the wait! I also love the fact that they made it special, just for me, after I placed the order! Lotions and shampoos, do have a shelf life, and there are times I wonder how long things have been sitting around when I shop. I do not have to worry about that with these products!!
The giveaway will be ending on the day before Thanksgiving!! I will make the announcement on here, and all social networks, as well as email the winner! This way, you will be able to order in time for Christmas! Whether it will be for yourself, or somebody else, you will be certain to have it in time, (as long as you order very shortly after receiving the winner email!)
If you have any questions, comments, or would like to order, or if you would like to start selling Enchanted Potions products, you can email me at, or comment here!!
I would also always be interested in doing giveaways with sponsors, to help promote your products and blogs or business! AND always feel free to contact me in case you are in need of a sponsor for a giveaway as well! I sell Enchanted Potions, and Gold Canyon Candles, and RADA. RADA is an ongoing fundraiser I do for RSD, a medical condition I suffer from. If any of these would help your site, and you would like to offer any of my products, please let me know! I am hoping to have a much more established networking type "business", in the near future when I have bigger numbers, and sponsoring giveaways will always be something I do!

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