Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MAM Party!!

We had a very fun time with our mom group and our MAM party, the last 2 weeks.
MAM sent a ginormous box of free products, coupons, brochures, and real cool prizes for our games!
I personally have heard of MAM, and I have seen their products online and in Parenting Magazine, but I have never come across them in a store. (We live in a very rural area, and we aren't near lots of big stores) Although we do get out in the "big city" sometimes, lol, I am a little limited to where we go shopping.
I am very impressed with the bottles and the cool designs and the shape!
My little guy, Deegan, was quite impressed with the blue toothbrushes the most.
He is 1 now, and amazingly enough, he loves brushing his teeth! ( I wish I could say that about my 8 year old son, lol). These products are superior quality, and I am very pleased with all the teething rings, which by the way, have the coolest and smartest design I have ever seen on a teething ring yet!
How cool is that, to have the teething ring actually have parts to fit the whole way in the back for those sore parts?
We had our first party on October 1st, and I actually forget my ancient digital camera. I only realized this on the way to our party, and luckily, the daycare owner who offers her daycare for our meetings, had a camera to take pictures for our posts!
We had a mix of pregnant moms, pregnant first time moms, and babies and a few toddlers.
The snacks went over quite well, especially with the little ones!
We had cheese and crackers, a fruit tray with dip, (yum!!), goldfish crackers, tea and lemonade and a few different kinds of mini cupcakes!

It was such a nice time, and I love being able to help people and have such cool treats and gifts to give away to friends!
We have so many moms and even not moms, lol, interested in our group, and hoping to attend our November 5th meeting. We already have a couple meetings per month, due to locations of some of our members. I live in the middle, so I have some over at my place once per month, and I travel about 20 miles to another town, to have the other meetings!
We were all very thankful and excited for this MAM event, and I am anxious for our next meetings we have coming up!!
We also still have a few MAM products left, and I think we will have those for new members, who are expecting or have little ones.
We also have a project we are doing with our "Not Just 4 Moms" group, with donations. (a member came up with this real cool name at our MAM party!!) So, I believe we will be figuring out exactly which church or school will be receiving our donations, and then we can decide if we should donate the leftover pacifiers, and teething rings! That may be a very nice gift for someone else!
We have a "Reviews" tab on our groups brand new site, and MAM is the first review on our site!!
I will have another post on my other blog, momscrazyday, with some real cute pictures of Deegan, using his new favorite toothbrush. I have to run for some batteries for the camera, and upload the pictures!
We had a very nice time, everybody in our group seemed to really be happy with the products they received, and we all seemed to think MAM products are very high quality, and have awesome designs and the biter brush I believe was the biggest hit!
I am shocked that I have never seen this product before! After 4 kids, and now unfortunately we are done, (sometimes I wish we weren't;p), but after all of that, and now I find a biter brush!!
I think I know what our next giveaway should be..... I think a MAM gift basket with a biter brush and the awesome glow in the dark pacifiers, will be a huge success!!
At least I also know what to purchase for baby shower gifts in the future. I am more then pleased with MAM, and I am very grateful for the nice box they sent for our party, filled to the top, with tons of cute gifts and products for everybody! Outstanding job MAM!! Thank you!
Child's Play Party, is an amazing company! I have so much fun with the opportunities they provide for these parties! I recommend them to anybody who has a mom group, blog, website, or even a product they would like to get out and advertised.
Not just 4 Moms, and me and Deegan, give MAM, and Child's Play Party, 5 stars!!

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