Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Wish I Had These Scented Markers When I Was A Kid!

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I remember scented markers from when I was a little kid. (A long time ago, like back in the 70's and 80's!) and I remember the whole class being super ecstatic, every time our teacher pulled the scented markers out. They smelled so much like chocolate, and chemicals, and omg! You could smell the black marker from a mile away! Sometimes, if you were close enough and it was being used a lot, your eyes would water. But, we didn't care! Because, it was scented markers! They were almost as cool as scratch and sniff stickers! So, I was more then pleased when I smelled these markers. They certainly don't have that gross eye watering, chemical scent to them at all. Actually, they smell very similar to what the package lists them as smelling like.

My kids love these markers and they use them a great deal! They work well, smell good, they actually are washable, and the colors are bold and bright! I'm not a fan of banana scent. I would have preferred lemon, but, the banana scented marker is my 5 year old son's very favorite one! My favorites are the cinnamon (brown) and blueberry (the darker, brighter blue.)

I intend on grabbing a bigger pack and having them on hand for birthday gift add ons, prizes for parties, and for my own kids, so when they run out (they will at some point.), they can open another pack. I think these go well for rainy day arts and crafts, gifts, just regular artwork days when your kids want to draw and color for hours and hours, (seems like this is everyday!) and of course, my 9 year old daughter just has to use them to color coordinate her journals, book covers, notebooks, and anything else that needs a splash of bright color and a fruity or candy scent.

Oh yeah, if you check the back of the pack, you will see this really awesome label!! It reads, "Assembled in the USA!" This seems to be so rare these days and whenever I do see a label similar to this, I'm a fan for life.

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