Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gift Ideas For Your Man

Buying gifts for your boyfriend or hubby can be a tough task—especially if he’s the type of guy who always says he doesn’t need anything. If you’re on the hunt for gift ideas for your man, we’ve got the perfect ideas for him no matter the occasion. Whether he’s a beer lover or a sports fanatic, you’ll surprise him with the best gift he’s ever received.

A Subscription He Will Love
Give your guy a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription tailored to his hobbies or likes. If he’s a fella who loves dressing well, take a look at the Trunk Club, a service that will send him a box of designer duds and accessories each month. If he’s more of a comic book lover, sign him up for a subscription to the Comic Block, which delivers a package containing three comics, a t-shirt, and a collectible item. Whatever his hobbies are, you’ll find a subscription box he’ll love at MySubscriptionAddiction.com.

For the Vaper
If your guy enjoys vaping, get him some NJOY vape kits. They offer a variety of price points and packages, so you can make sure he gets the tastes and devices he likes best. There’s awesome flavors like vanilla bean and peach tea that will satisfy his sweet tooth and the smokeless devices will keep your home smelling fresh.

For Your Chef
If your fella is a master of the kitchen, give him practical items that will help him whip up his favorite creations, but put a personalized spin on them. You can get a cutting board with his initials carved into it, a personalized cookbook filled with all his best recipes and creations, or a lazy Susan with the family name emblazoned on the front—the more practical for his specific kitchen needs, the better.

If He’s a Beer Connoisseur
If your guy loves trying new craft beers, you’ve got some options for a gift he will love. Book a tour at a local brewery he loves, or plan a big trip to his favorite brewer so he can see exactly how his favorite beverage gets made. If you’re not looking to splurge, check out an awesome brew your own beer kit. He’ll immediately get to experimenting in the kitchen, and you’ll love seeing the pride on his face when he completes his first batch. Whether you buy him an IPA kit or a pale ale package, he’s going to love the thought behind it and receive a practical gift he won’t be able to wait to use.

The Sports Fanatic
If you can’t tear the remote away from his tight grip on any day there’s a game on, and you know the names of his favorite players better than the names of his family members, there’s a chance you’ve got a sports fanatic on your hands. This is good in terms of finding the perfect present! If he doesn’t already have it, get the jersey of his favorite player—buy one for yourself if you can handle the cost. If you’d like to splurge a little more, get him tickets to a sporting event you know he’ll love and wear said jerseys into the stadium. You’ll definitely get points for being the coolest girlfriend or wife ever.

A Surprise Trip
You can really knock his socks off this year by taking him on a surprise trip he won’t see coming. Whether it’s a flight to his hometown, or a drive to a city two hours away, the surprise element will be the thing that really blows his mind. Have his bags packed for him when he gets home from work, make sure the kids are safely at grandma’s house or with a trusted babysitter for the weekend, and hop in the car for a trip in which you pull out all the stops.

Treat Him to an Experience
Instead of getting something material, buy him an experience you know he’s always wanted to try. Whether it’s a lesson with a golfing pro, a ride in a NASCAR racer, or a skydiving adventure, he’s sure to be impressed and forever remember the day.
If you’re on the hunt for the best gift for your guy, whether it’s for Christmas, his birthday, or your anniversary, these gift ideas are sure to please. Make it personal and heartfelt for a package he’ll never expect, but will always cherish.

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