Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcoming Reviews

There are lots of good reviews coming up! I am very excited for all of these and with most, of course, we will have giveaways!! There will be a Juppy Baby Walker review coming up, and hopefully another Sneakpeeq giveaway with more gift cards!! There are also some book reviews, and those, as well as the Juppy Baby Walker, will all have a giveaway!! I am looking to fill in April and start with May, so if anybody knows of a small business, author, your own business, who would like to have reviews on my blogs and social media networks, and/or host giveaways, please leave a comment or contact me!! There are also a few reviews coming up that are for amazing crafters, I found the best crocheter, and I also bought some very cute photo frames for my 3 youngest, from a very sweet girl! I will post pictures, and a review for those frames as well!! We also have a "mom group", and we also have a blog for that group, We review products for different companies and brands, and I am still working on getting this blog together, but we will be posting our pictures and reviews individually, for the brands and items we sampled! Our last meeting was Saturday March 3rd, and we had the opportunity to have a Huggies Pull Ups party, and had coupons, cute things for the kids, inflatable guitars, progress charts, and cute little door hangers, and a DVD of the "Potty Dance". We also had an awesome time with Vocalpoint's Stylefind P&G party! This was fun and they were very generous with the samples, and even included a full size Cover Girl Lashblast mascara!! Unfortunately, we were not all together at the meeting, and some had to leave early, and I ended up being late, as usual, lol. But everybody was able to grab their bag of fun samples and coupons, and I look forward to our next meeting! Next month so far for our group, we have Annie's Organic Pizza, and Stonyfield Farms Yo Baby Yogurt!! So this will definitely be a fun and pretty tasty meeting;p The next review will be on both blogs, (I normally post on both, a few days apart), for an awesome website, This is super fun, and I am so happy to have found this site!! You just have to check it out!! I am already thrilled to have already found some free time, due to my clipboards!!

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