Saturday, March 24, 2012

Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD Review

In a perfect world, my kids would love to eat fruits and vegetables with every meal, and even as snacks!
But we are not in a perfect world, and my kids definitely don't go out of their way, (maybe a couple times a week), to eat fruits and vegetables. We have tried all kinds of things, more recently, I explained to them that when they are hungry and would like a snack, they could have the freedom of eating certain foods when they want, and without asking, This caught on for a couple days, and then nothing. I have fruits and vegetables within reach, cut up, in the fridge, bananas on the counter, (those are the fruit all 3 will eat up pretty good). They were/are allowed to have celery and peanut butter, apple wedges, bananas, oranges, broccoli, cucumbers, different colored peppers, and lots more, when they want. I also included yogurt with this deal, and certain dry cereals, but it didn't last long.
School night snacks are only fruits and vegetables and yogurt, and of course a side of certain dry cereal, but there are times when they get sick of it and just say they won't have a snack!
They will help with the gardens, and grow all of these vegetables, and they love to pick them, and they will to a degree, eat peppers and things that are in their dinner, but after this, they want cookies, fruit snacks, and crackers.
I received an email from Cai Dixon, the mastermind behind this life saving DVD, with an offer to review Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables, and I even told the 3 little ones, and they smiled, Aaron, our 8 year old, said, " I think we should review it, you never know, it could work!" Lol! So, I immediately replied and started to imagine my kids eating healthy snacks.
The day this DVD arrived, we waited for Aaron to get home from school, and all 3 went in the living room and turned it on. I figured I will get a few things done, and then come in and check the DVD out. Well, what happened next, was the most shocking and amazing thing I had ever witnessed!
I was only in the kitchen for maybe 5 minutes, and I heard arguing between Genevive and Aaron. They were saying things like, "I want to see strawberries!" and "No! I want to watch the kids eat broccoli first!" I thought, what in the world? They had the oranges segment on, and Deegan was in front of the tv pointing at a little girl eating oranges, and having a fun time doing it, and he just kept giggling! The other 2 were still arguing, but stopped just enough, to ask for oranges. I said, 'Well, of course! But you have to eat them! I'm not going to peel oranges for you to throw around at each other!" (which is what normally happens in there during school night snack time). Their reply? "We want oranges! " OK!!
So, I went back to the kitchen and started peeling oranges, and overheard the argument again, this time it was between bell peppers and carrots.I started thinking, Oh no!! I hope we have all the fruits and vegetables that are in the DVD! We didn't, but we had quite a bit.
I took the plates of oranges in the room, and they had already set up their little yellow table and blue chairs, and Genevive asked if I could wash and cut up strawberries. Genevive? Strawberries? She never eats those! But Aaron, who does eat them, asked next, so I went back in the kitchen and started getting strawberries ready.
Aaron yelled, "Do we have any bell peppers?" Wow!! Of course we did, I add colored peppers in almost every meal, so I gathered some peppers, and took those in as well.
This went on, and on, and I spent the better part of the afternoon, washing and peeling and cutting apples, bananas, peppers, a whole POUND of strawberries, 3 oranges, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and I threw in some pear pieces,and some grapes, and all 3 of them sat and watched and ate and giggled at the little blue bird that flies around at the beginning of each segment.
I took pictures of this event, and even called for their dad to come in and witness this amazing event!
We had to laugh while they watched a DVD of literally, just kids, eating fruits and vegetables and ate a few plates full of cut up healthy snacks!
It was over after a while and then they had their dinner, eating all of the colored peppers, again, and asked when they could watch it next.
This has become an almost daily event at our house, and they are the ones who ask to watch it and Aaron, is always interested in knowing what fruits and vegetables we have in stock lol! He also told me, "Mom, you know, if you want us to do something, or eat something that we don't eat, tell that lady who sent us this DVD, and maybe she can make a movie for us and I promise, we will do it!" Wow! (That's all I have been able to say about this DVD. Standing a little behind Aaron, is Genevive, saying, "Yeah! If you want me to eat fruit, put the movie in! If you want Aaron to brush his teeth, ask the lady to make a movie with other kids brushing their teeth!" (We fight with Aaron, to brush his teeth, lol, as I'm sure a lot of parents do!) The good thing about that? There IS a DVD coming, all about tooth brushing!! I am more excited about this release then I am my favorite bands new album! Cai Dixon's warning, "Just be sure you have these foods at home-because your kids are going to want to eat what the Copy-Kids are eating.", wasn't recognized until AFTER their first viewing, but I had the same warning when discussing with friends and online. So Please, make sure you have most if not all, of the fruits and vegetables covered in this DVD.
Other up and coming Copy-Kids DVDs include, Tooth Brushing, Exercising, Tying Shoes, Letter and Number recognition, plus more healthy eating, all taught by kids!
There is also a section on the DVD for parents, an interview with renowned pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP. and author of, Good Food Today, Great Kids Tomorrow. This is also very informative and he discusses the brilliance behind Cai Dixon's life saving creation!
One more thing! How did Cai Dixon, come up with such an awesome idea/ Her daughter, Bella, was more willing to eat fruits and vegetables when she saw another child eating them, kids do like to copy, especially other kids. So, thank you Bella, and Cai!!
The post below is a Youtube video preview of what you will find in this DVD. It is so simple, and yet, it has the strength to make my 3 little ones actually WANT to eat fruits and vegetables! Do you want to grab a copy for yourself? You can buy one here.
We will also be announcing a giveaway where you can win a copy of this DVD for your kids!!
Keep checking in for more details in the next few days!!
In the meantime, check out the site,
maybe have your kids watch the Youtube video, and again, Please make sure you have several of the foods that are in this DVD before viewing!!
Who do we recommend this too? ALL KIDS!! We will be taking this DVD to Genevive's preschool to share with the other kids, and I offered it to our oldest daughter, for her boyfriend, lol.
If you have seen this DVD, or if the Youtube video made your kid want some healthy snacks, or if you buy it, please comment below and let us know what you thought! Did your kids eat fruits and vegetables?


  1. Wow I need to try this. My son love fruit but hates veggies. WE tried everything from growing are own to adding sugar to them. Nothing has worked. So maybe this would help. I would love to win a copy but if not i defiantly be buying it. :)

  2. We have gotten our little girl to eat fruits and vegetables by always offering them first and by eating them our selves (: she also watches yo gabba gabba DVD trying new things

  3. I always show them me eating them first and go yum yum =-D

  4. My little grandson will be soon introduced to foods and his Mom hopes to teach him the correct way to feed his body.

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