Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Never Lose Risk Free Penny Auctions (Review and Free Offer!)

When I first received an email about this penny auction site, I figured it would end up being as expensive in the long run, as all the other penny auction sites. Well, surprisingly enough, I was very wrong!
I have been checking with this site for a few weeks, and figured I should research them a bit, before I tell any friends, readers, family, etc, to sign up with them, and I have been more then pleased with this website!
I have tried plenty of other "penny auctions", and luckily, I wasn't the type who continued to purchase pennies to use to place bids, otherwise, I would have spent hundreds for something definitely not worth anywhere close to it. (You will usually find these websites affiliated or sent in an email offer by the websites that pay you to sign up for things, shop online, etc)
What makes this website so unique, is that you will get points ONLY, when you purchase gift cards! If you buy a $50 gift card, you will get 50 points, and so on. Those points in turn end up being your "pennies" that you can use to place bids on other gift cards!
I was given 25 pennies or points, to try them out, and alas, I did not win. However, had I made a gift card purchase, and racked up my points, I believe I would have been able to outbid a few other bidders and win at least once.
They offer gift cards to purchase from all the regular brands and retailers. Gap, Sears, Bath and Body works, are just a few of the gift cards you can buy in order to get points, (or pennies). They also offer FREE shipping on all of your gift card purchases! You can't really lose here, hence the name, You Never Lose. (lol)
The auctions seem to go on 24 hours per day, and you can check in and see how much time is left, place your bids, whenever you have time.
Of course there will be a lot of people on, bidding and trying to outbid, but I believe this would be an excellent site to actually buy gift cards from, year round. Then I would keep racking my points up, and wait until I had several, then I would start getting serious and try and outbid everybody I could, to grab a gift card or 2.
If you would spend $500 throughout theyear on gift cards, and buy them all through,, and maybe choose a month or a week, or 2 throughout the year, and log on to bid like crazy, you could more then likely grab a gift card for FREE! (You aren't spending a cent on your points, since you literally make a purchase for the same amount you spent)
I am going to do this, and I will keep everybody up to date with what I might win in the future from this site. It is a newer site, and I believe it will indeed, turn out to be one of the better gift card, and penny auction sites around.
Visit their site and see what they have to offer! They are offering a code for all my readers, with your first purchase! Use code: LAUNCH10, and when you buy your first gift card, you will get an additional 10 points in your account!!
Keep in mind, most penny auctions have this rule at the end of an auction!
When somebody bids in the last few seconds of an auction, it will add 20 seconds to the bidding time that is left! So, you might want to grab some coffee, and make sure you have a bit of time.Don't bid, and leave! Otherwise, you won't be winning a thing. You have to sit and sometimes these auctions can get a little crazy, but if it's free, well, it is worth a shot!!
Visit their Facebook page, and you can find them on Twitter!
Sign up today and remember to use the coupon code, LAUNCH10 for your free 10 points!! (With your first gift card purchase!) A very sweet offer, just for checking out their site!
Please comment below and let me know if you developed a good strategy or if you won, I love to hear feedback on the sites and brands that my family loves!
Plus, the rest of us could sure use some pointers!


  1. I haven't developed a good strategy. I suck at it. I can't win seems to be my motto! Lol!

  2. I love the idea of penny auction sites providing "buy it now" and giving credits for bids used in an auction, and giving free bids to new users, so we can reduce the risk of bidding in a penny auction.

    I found a site that actually let's you have unlimited practice of penny auctions. It's called It so much fun to be able to bid whenever I want in a simulated penny auction. Fantastic for people who want to learn how to bid in a penny auction without any of the risk!

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