Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Worldwide Dessert Contest Multimedia Edition

I was very excited about this book review, and so were my kids!
They love stories, and the younger ones especially love stories that have any music, songs, and things that make them giggle.
This story reminds me of other favorites of ours, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and  James and the Giant Peach. I was delighted with the tongue twisting, crazy names, rhymes, creative adjectives, we read this several times!
Dan Elish and Alina Adams, have made this a truly brilliant, amusing, entertaining, and very fascinating tale, that I will be reading to our kids, and they will be reading this to their children as well.
The Worldwide Dessert Contest,  follows John Applefeller, through his adventures of failed desserts that turn into something different at the last minute, a pancake trampoline, apple souffle hot air balloons and french toast knee pads!
John Applefeller, has a very hard time with the Worldwide Dessert Contest, and the judges, and a very sneaky, jealous, and arrogant man, Sylvester S.  Sweet.
John has come in last place, every year, for 10 years in a row! Even though he has the most scrumptious desserts, the judges are always upset with John's desserts changing at the last minute, and causing all kinds of catastrophes!
John has a younger friend, Stanley, who goes with him to the contests and supports him through the wacky and outrageous events that take place!
They also run into a very witty janitor, who tells John all about the world famous, Captain B Rollie Ragoon, and they end up taking John's apple souffle hot air balloon on an enchanting journey to find Captain B Rollie Ragoon, on the island of Iambia.
Captain B Rollie Ragoon, ends up helping John Applefeller, and everybody who lives on the island of Iambia, speaks in rhymes, (a fun part of the book for the little ones!) **Warning: you may be asked to repeat some rhymes, over, and over, and over;p**
Together, John Applefeller and Captain B Rollie Ragoon, make a spectacular dessert, roller skating apple pies! But, something terrible happens, and they end up having to make something even more incredible for the contest! The ending is simply delightful and so many amazing things happen, you have to read this to see what happens next! 
This book was a very easy read, I loved the witty, and hilarious adjectives, people, reading about this silly place that was very vivid in my imagination, I could see all of what was happening! (That is when I know it is a fabulous story, you don't need pictures to "see" the characters and events!) Although, there are a few drawings, and the music is a super fun addition, and it kept the story even more alive!
My children, Aaron (8), Genevive (5), and Deegan (1), were kept busy with laughter, and rolling on the floor in non stop giggle mode!
All of us give this book a 5 Star Rating!
It was a fun read, kept us on the edge of our seats, and taught one of the most valuable lessons we teach our children! If you fail, try and try again! (In John Applefeller's case, try and try 11 times! )
This is a good story to read to your children, over and over, in parts before bedtime, or the whole story, all at once! We chose to grab some popcorn, and spend an after school afternoon reading and listening to the songs, and had a silly time!
After the story, you can discuss the lesson that was learned, and maybe get some paper and crayons out and draw a dessert you would like to bake and what you would like it to turn into! So many fun things to create and imagine from the story, I promise your kids will have a blast!
** I was given a free download of this story in return for my honest review, and my children's honest review. All ideas, thoughts, statements, words, are my own and my children's**

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