Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be Fun. Be Fabulous. Be You. (Holy Cannoli! Chick-E Gets A Job)

If you like funny, silly, hilarious, very descriptive stories, this is definitely one you must check out!
I did read this story with my kids, even though the word "bra" is included! ( I would suggest, that if you are the type of parent who does not want this word in your children's stories, replace it when you read to them!) Don't just throw this off to the side, and disregard! Because this book teaches a very valuable lesson, and you will be pleasantly pleased at the end of this story!
I have to explain who Chick-E is, Chick-E, is a very cool, and sweet character, I am assuming she may be a teenager, or very early adult. But she is an, energetic, lively, cool and very positive chic, with some super cute hair, and a great personality! She loves to help others with problems, and has the kinds of answers a parent would be content and very pleased  with, when Chick-E is asked by their pre teens and teens.
She even has her own blog!  
Chick-E also has a Facebook page !
You can also find her answers to some of life's, kid's. and young adult's roughest questions, on her Youtube channel!
I was very happy to have been given the chance to do this book review, and I read the story with my children, and I visited her blog, and social network, to see what she was about. It has been a long time since I have picked up an issue of YM or Seventeen magazine, do you remember Sassy magazine? That was the cooler magazine for the cooler chics;p and that is where I bet Chick-E would have her own "Ask Chick-E" section each month!
I have to say, we all loved the story, I especially loved the lesson in the book, and my kids love to laugh and this was a very silly book! I am a big fan of teaching our future adults, to love and respect others and themselves, and to always get right back up and never give up! I especially love when these values and lessons are hidden in such a good way, (to our children), behind a cool girl that will end up being a good friend, and a book that has some of the funniest scenes, (food flying all over the place, ALWAYS gets them!!)
This book has it all! Holy Cannoli! Chick-E Gets A Job by Mona Schmitt, is definitely a book for parents, grandparents, school teachers, and children of course!
Chick-E gets herself a job at Mama Romano's restaraunt, and she has quite the eventful, first day! Did you ever have one of those days when everything just seems to be going wrong? (I know I sometimes have those a couple times a week!) Well, that is how poor Chick-E's first day was. After some flying meatballs, a couple crazy twins and M&M's, Mama Romano, and noodles in her hair, Chick-E gets sent home early.
What happens next is my favorite part, not to mention, a recipe that doesn't sound bad at all! You have to read this story to see how quickly, smoothly and confidentially, Chick-E changes the course of her waitressing job at the Italian restaraunt.
This is Volume 1 in the Chick-E Gets A Job series, so I am very anxious to read the next volume, and Genevive, my 5 year old, already loves Chick-E. (I think it's the hair that got her!!) Genevive has been asking about this Chick-E book, ever since she heard it, and in 8 years or so, I am hoping Chick-E is still around answering questions for Genevive!
Chick-E also has some t-shirts and pendants you can check out here! 
This is my new favorite saying, and my favorite item from the Chick-E shop!
Be fun. Be fabulous. Be You.
It is pretty catchy and short and to the point!
We are giving this story 5 STARS!!
Genevive and I loved it the most, Deegan is 20 months old, so he had a fun time watching the rest of us giggle and Aaron actually picked up on the lesson  and shared his insight. Which led to our discussion on. how to make the best out of everything from school days to fighting with siblings, to possible future dilemmas. This story was written very well, lots of adjectives, which described everything so well, you don't need pictures!
Another cool activity from this story we are planning? Why, make Neatballs, of course!
There is much more coming from this author, you have to check out Chick-E's blog, and Facebook, and  we will be hosting a giveaway, where some of you will win a free download of Holy Cannoli! Chick-E Gets A Job! Stay tuned in for that!! (Coming within the next few days!!)                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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