Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Fun Facts About The US Flag

I would have written a completely different post about the US Flag and US Flag history if we weren't in the middle of such uncertain times. So, given our circumstances at the moment, I figured I could discuss different activities about the US Flag for kids to work on when they're home from school. 

Besides various worksheets, videos, coloring pages that are easily available for download, there are a number of online resources for homeschool curriculums that are free or discounted heavily for parents and teachers. (Due to the current situation, many businesses have stepped up to help to make sure parents can continue their child's education at home.) 

You can also create your own worksheets and puzzles with some facts about the flag. 

Fun Facts About The US Flag

Did you know that the flag actually has to be in bed at sunset each night? Not only that but the flag also needs to be awake at sunrise each and every morning! 

The designer of our current flag was a high school student who received a B- from his teacher for his project. 
Robert G. Heft of Lancaster, Ohio, created the current design in 1958. President Dwight D. Eisenhower picked Robert's flag out of 1500 entries! 

6 American Flags have been planted on the moon. Neil Armstrong planted the first one on the moon in July of 1969 as part of the Apollo 11 mission.  Of the 6, only 1 has been removed. So there are 5 left standing. (The first one is no longer on the moon!) 

There have been 27 versions of the American Flag. There was a mistake made when North and South Dakota became states because some flag manufacturer's thought they would be combined into just 1 state. So, there was a version with 39 stars.

Vermont and Kentucky were states 14 and 15 and the flag changed from 13 stripes to 15 stripes. However, when there were more states added, there were discussions as to whether or not they would constantly add more stripes to each state. So, they decided to go back to just 13 stripes to represent the 13 colonies.

The US Flag that we have today is the very first flag to have lasted for 50 years. At one point, we had 17 different versions of the flag over a 50-year span!

There is just a time when burning the flag is acceptable. If the flag is damaged beyond repair, the US Flag Code does state that you can, in fact, burn it in order to dispose of it with dignity.

Just like a lot of us, the US Flag has a few nicknames! You have probably heard someone use one of those nicknames. One of the first nicknames was, "Old Glory". Another popular nickname a lot of people still use is, "Stars and Stripes".

The American Flag has been on quite a few trips! Not only has it been taken to the moon but, in 1909, Robert Peary traveled to the North Pole and took a flag that his wife had sewn and put it in the ice.
In 1963, Barry Bishop took a flag with him on his trip to the top of Mount Everest!

According to the US Flag Code, the flag should never be flown in bad weather. If it must be flown at nighttime, it must be illuminated.

History suggests that the colors of the flag were chosen because red represents valor, white represents liberty and purity and the color blue represents justice and loyalty.

The proper way to view the flag when it's on display is by facing the flag with your right hand over your heart. You've probably done this at school or right before a baseball game or a hockey game!
On August 3, 1949, President Truman signed an Act of Congress that would designate every June 14th as  National Flag Day. Our current president, Donald J. Trump celebrates his birthday on June 14th too!

There are so many fun facts about the flag! This is just a short list but if you want to impress your friends (or your teaches!) check for more at your local library or online. If you're bored and looking for things to read about or learn about, you could also start memorizing the states and even include the order in which they became stars on the flag!

You could also check out Flags Unlimited for more fun facts and to purchase one of your very own!

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