Friday, March 8, 2019

Work From Home Ideas That Fit Your Schedule

If you’ve been thinking about starting a career or changing a career or maybe you’re interested in starting an at home business, or you just want to earn extra spending money, 2019 is a great year for you!

Five of the most popular work-from-home jobs include accountant, engineer, teacher, writer, and consultant. But, no worries if those don’t hold your interest! Check out this list of the top 100 companies with remote jobs in 2019.

If you’d rather stay at home on cold, winter mornings, there has never been a better time than now to make that transition or start that new career. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, there are a few good places to start that require no experience. You just have to make the time. That’s the other bonus with some work-from-home jobs. You can make your own hours and decide what days or nights are best for you and your family. You’ll find it’s much easier and beneficial to create an actual schedule for yourself. (That whole work/life balance thing.)

A Couple Of Side Gigs

You may want to pursue something such as freelancing or blogging and while that may take a little bit of work to build your social networks and clients, there are a few ways to bring in some extra cash on the side while you’re building your new brand. I’m not necessarily a fan of most MLM companies but, if you find something that isn’t already being sold by everyone in your community and you think you can swing it, go for it! There are many success stories out there and if you can find a company that fits you and your style, by all means, give it a try! Most of these types of businesses require very minimal investments so, even if it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to worry about wiping out your savings account to cover the cost.  

There are survey sites out there that are legitimate. It just takes some time to weed through and find those legitimate survey sites. Don’t expect a ton of cash from these either! Some will pay in gift cards and some will pay in cash but, you’re not going to be raking in the dough on a daily basis. There are a few annoying parts to these survey sites. For instance; cluttered emails, very tedious, time-consuming and you will get kicked out of surveys after you feel you spent a lot of time sharing your opinions. I very rarely use survey sites but, there are a few I participate in due to the extra gift cards I can earn for the holidays. But, this is in no way a way to earn a living or a way to get rich. It could be a great side gig though!

Freelance Writing

There are a lot of online courses you can take online that can help get you in the right direction of a freelance writing career. Once you start writing, you could create a portfolio and send to prospective clients and maybe even offer a few freebies so you can build your portfolio. Here again, this requires some patience but, if you’re not looking to get rich quick, this is a great opportunity. You can make your own schedule. Whether you’re only available to write on the weekends or after your kids are in bed, you have the freedom to choose when you can juggle your gigs and meet your deadlines.

You May Want To Consider

Online tutoring, teaching Chinese kids English, freelance proofreading, or if you’re really digging web design, there are lots and lots of businesses out there who could use someone to create and host their business websites and even manage their social media networks.

Amazon also has a virtual job board where you can find literally hundreds of job openings and some of these jobs do not require much experience. Some only require that you are fluent in different languages and some require that you live in a specific state. They do update fairly regularly so keep checking back if this is something you might be interested in trying out!

There are always Etsy stores, eBay, even Amazon for sellers, writing and publishing your own book, Uber, Lyft, and anything you can think of that you can do and have time to do that you think others might pay you to do for them. For example; running errands, walking dogs, house cleaning, all of these things will require you to actually leave your house obviously. But, you are still in control of your schedule.

If you keep your head up, stay focused, and have a positive attitude like Sam Ovens, you’ll be a success story too! If you think you might want to try a handful of these ideas, start researching online to see how to get started. You may want to start a few of these freelance gigs to keep on the back burner while you work towards your goal of working from home.


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