Sunday, March 17, 2019

Tips For the Busy Woman Who Happens To Be The Women's Ministry Leader

If you're currently the women's ministry leader of your church, congratulations! You have the amazing opportunity to lead women into closer relationships with Christ, one another and their communities. Even though it might seem like a fun party filled with girl power sentiments, there's actually a whole lot involved in the process. It can be so overwhelming that you get discouraged. However, know that it's more than possible to do an incredible job.

Consider the following ways you can become an incredible women's ministry leader for the women of your congregation.

1. Develop a strong devotional life. If you aren't tapped into the source, you will definitely struggle to keep your sanity. This type of job isn't for the faint of heart. There will be times when you feel discouraged and disrespected when all you're trying to do is serve others. The key is to ministry is a relationship with Christ. Furthermore, you've got to maintain a real relationship with Christ. If your relationship is just for show, you won't be able to serve others adequately. Start by making sure your daily devotional life is active. Make sure you're talking to God on a daily basis. Study your Bible. What you do in private will sustain you when you're elevated to a public platform.

2. Build a team. Build a team that honors the responsibility you've been called to. As a result, they respect your leadership and authority. Your team is important because you can't be everything to everyone without burning yourself out. Plus, this is the point of a christian women's fellowship. You all are called to help and support one another in the journey. Assign someone to take care of the food when you all have events. Ask someone else to take care of the decorations. Leave someone in charge of email correspondence. As you develop a well-oiled machine, you'll feel more confident in your ability to lead and be led by God.

3. Create a schedule. Always prioritize women's ministry activities and tasks. As you're building the ministry, do a new task every day that will help the ministry move forward. Whether you're booking a new speaker, ordering gifts for the upcoming Mother's Day celebration or making a phone call to one of the women in the congregation, find ways to squeeze one task each day that's related to the ministry.

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