Monday, July 25, 2016


** I received free products thanks to Influenster and TRESemme in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. **

One thing I can not stand is having my stick straight hair that has to be sliced up with a straight razor a couple of times a month, just so I can have messy, spiky hair in the back for my favorite, over a decade, easy peasy hairstyle that I absolutely LOVE! I visit my friend's salon once per month, sometimes twice, and I often have to stand on the porch, scraping away at my hair with a straight razor just to get a little, itsy, bitsy bit of texture. Naturally, conditioner is usually out of the question because this has always only made my hair even worse. It totally weighs it down. I will use conditioner on days when I plan on staying in my pajamas and staying in the house. But, my hair is also dry and I kind of need more conditioning. So, I was super ecstatic to see the very clever and new idea from TRESemme, Reverse Your Routine!

I have used TRESemme products in the past but I was never a diehard TRESemme user. I really like their products and we do purchase them sometimes but, I haven't ever been totally brand loyal to any specific hair care brand. I have my favorites but there are a few favorites and I am just not ready to commit myself to just 1. So, anyway, I received my Voxbox in the mail and my 9 year old daughter and I tried this new invention the same evening. 

I have to say that the heat and humidity here in East Central PA has been unbearable! I am anxiously counting down the days until hockey season, Halloween, and lots and lots of snow. When the humidity is this bad, my hair just gets worse and even more flat and even more annoying. I feel like shaving it all off really. I want to get a better take on these products since I feel that the odds are stacked against them at the moment. At least with my hair. I will say that they work very well for my daughter's extremely long hair and her knots haven't been as bad since using the TRESemme Pre Wash Conditioner and the Volume Shampoo. 

The scent seems a bit to "perfumy" for me, but, that's just me. I prefer a clean, fresh scent or a fruity scent. But, the scent is really long lasting and this seems to be so hard to achieve with other brands. My 9 year old likes the scent because she can smell her hair and it's still there, all day. Plus, she says it smells, "pretty". (She is the princess type so, she would know!) 

For volume, I would say that yes, it did seem to add quite a bit of volume to her hair. Mine, not so much. But again, this is something I must revisit in the near future. I would also like to try more TRESemme products to see how they work for our hair. 

I still think this is the perfect hashtag for this brand and I love that they took something so simple, something that somebody should have thought of by now, and owned it. It reminds me of when we have breakfast for dinner, or having dessert before dinner. (Yes, I've done it and you should too!) The whole concept opens up a whole new world. Just imagine how liberating it would be to reverse everything! (Probably make you feel a little like Spongebob Squarepants!) and that my friend, is a very, very, very good thing! 

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