Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Recently Found Groupon Coupons

** This is a sponsored post. All opinions and statements are 100% my own! **

I often look for local deals on Groupon. Especially when they have gift cards for pizza shops, restaurants, or my main weakness, subscription boxes! I often find some great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and anything else that needs a celebration. Plus, sometimes, you can grab a bonus for yourself!

I owe my nifty homemade cheese making skills to Groupon. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have found some sweet deals on cheese making kits, which led me on some super fab adventures in the past few years. Now, I'm able to whip up anything from cheddar cheese curds to mozzarella to farmers cheese.

I also shop online regularly and I always search for coupons, discounts, free shipping, and of course, check in with my cash back and rewards sites to find the best deal before shopping literally, anywhere online. Little did I know that Groupon had coupons for extra savings while shopping online!

When you think of Groupon, what do you think of? I have always just assumed this was the place for deals on events like, hockey games, concerts, gift cards, and some fascinating gift ideas. But, you can also find Groupon Coupons for places like, Puma, Kohl's, Sprint, and Shutterfly. I actually just found a Groupon Coupon for free delivery fees for Edible Arrangements! I will probably be using that one! I recently used a couple of coupon codes for Nike, which were for 20% off of my purchase and after checking out the Puma deals, I may as well start some back to school sneaker shopping!

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Have you checked out any Groupon Coupons? Let me know what kind of deals you have found! I actually just found a New York Times digital subscription coupon I am going to grab. It's terribly annoying when I try to read a newspaper article online, only to find that I have "Gone over my 5 monthly free articles" and must now subscribe to read more! (Plus, it makes me look less nerdy if I have a digital subscription rather then having it delivered to my house!)

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