Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hassle Free Way To Hook Up Utilities

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One of the most annoying and most dreadful parts of being a grown up, is having to connect utilities, call utility companies and ugh, pay utility bills. I really would like to know why in the world it sometimes takes several minutes or an hour while waiting to speak with a human being at one of these places?! Actually, what's even more time consuming and irritating, is when you call to check prices on deals or any bundles they are offering at the time. Seriously, last time I called to check on electricity rates, the call lasted a little over an hour. Why? I have no clue. I remember gasping for air and begging with the salesman to please, please, please cut the small talk. I didn't call to chat about the history of electricity or every single state law when I really only care about my state law. (Pennsylvania.) Oh and guess what? He ended up not being able to help me after all! But, hey, I know all about the last 5 times his in laws visited and how much he saved money for the last 1989738 customers he spoke with!

I do wish so much I had known about Allconnect before my eyeballs were popping out of their sockets the other week!, is a one stop shop for utilities, bundles, appliances, even home security! You just simply type in your address and zip code and choose what you are looking for and volia! Allconnect will find the best prices from the service providers in your area. 

Another very cool thing about, Allconnect, is you just have to make one phone call to place an order for whatever you desire. (Well, maybe not everything, but, you know what I mean!) This is the perfect one stop shop for anybody who is moving or if you just want to compare prices to what you already have. I often shop around for the best rates. It often ends with me calling the service providers I already have and asking them if they have any offers for existing customers that will beat or at least meet what other companies are offering. 

Whether you are moving or just shopping around, you will save time because again, it's just one phone call to order. Oh, did I mention they are open 24/7? That is indeed quite handy for busy moms who are stuck sitting up at 3am or waking up at 4am because it's your only time to get things done. 

I also checked out Allconnect's mobile site and it works well and responds quickly so, that makes me super happy! I sometimes have a to do list for the internet and I just don't always get to log on through anything but my cell phone. A clean, responsive mobile site is a must have for me! 

If you have any questions for Allconnect, you can find them on Facebook, where they are "very responsive to messages" 

You can also follow them on Twitter where they share some tips and tricks for your big move and Youtube, where they share anything and everything from: Tips for speeding up the sale of your home to: Tips on reading your electric meter. 

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