Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Amope Electronic Foot File Review (Yes, I LOVE This Product!)

** I received this product for free in return for my honest review, thanks to Crowdtap and Amope. All opinions and statements are my own. **

I have a few obscure disorders and diseases that affect my legs, feet and ankles. This all started from having broken and sprained feet and ankles, years ago, and bartending for over 20 years and finally, failed reconstructive foot and ankle surgeries that caused severe nerve damage, drop foot, RSD/CRPS, and some other nonsense that won't heal. Due to this, I am in severe pain almost 24/7 and my skin is very sensitive and extremely dry. The only time I can remember having silky soft skin on my feet was longer then 10 years ago. I have tried several creams, files, scrubs, nothing helps and this is with daily work. I can't use the metal files and some files due to the pain they cause. I was a little worried about Amope because it looked more rough then it actually is and I just can't believe how easy this is to use or how comfortable it is!!

Amope claims this will help instantly and it really does. I am surprised to be honest and I just can't imagine not having this on hand. I am very pleased with this product, it has given me the confidence to actually not wear socks 24 hours a day!! Oh, speaking of this, I am not able to wear shoes due to my conditions so, I am always wearing slippers. As long as they don't touch the tops of my feet. I have hyper active, hyper sensitive nerves and even just the wind blowing on my legs, is painful. I also live in Pennsylvania where we actually have winter weather and of course, rain. So, being out when it's wet, in slippers, just adds to my problems. I can say that Amope has changed this aspect of my life and I just can't thank them enough.

I do use this every other day, at least and I usually just use it dry. It seems to work better dry then wet. I think the handle is perfect and it charges fairly quickly. This does have 2 speeds, which is great and it is super easy to operate. (Another plus!) I also think the price for a 2 pack of replacement heads is reasonable.

Of course, it is quite messy, which is something I find with most products like this and it is expected. I mean, you are basically sanding off dry skin and it will leave a mess which is not at fault of the product itself. It's just one of those annoying things that happens. The fact that I am not embarrassed by my heels, means much more to me then my own icky, dead skin flying around.

The only other con I can think of is the packaging. I really, really, really wish that nothing was put in these annoying plastic boxes that are such a pain to open and I know there have got to be other ways to box this up and make it look pretty at the store. (Whoever invented this crazy packaging that brands seem to think is the best choice, needs to find a new line of work!)

Other then that, I love everything about this product and I am ecstatic that I was able to try it! I haven't been bothering with new files for a while, due to so many bad investments. Oh, I also should mention that this electronic file has a safety feature that will automatically shut the file off if you are pressing to hard. I understand some people have a problem with this feature but for somebody like me, with chronic pain and other health issues, it is superb!

Ok, so, I don't mean to gross anybody out but I have to include a few pictures so you can see the results!! (Don't mind my crazy dry skin. Especially since it is no longer there!! WOOHOO!) 

So, the top left is my before picture. The one at the top right is an instant picture because it seriously smooths the driest of skin, in an instant, just as they say! 
The next 2 pictures are from a few days later and as long as I keep up with at least every couple of days, I am golden! 

What do you think of Amope products? Have you tried their new Pedi Perfect Wet Dry Electronic Foot File? What do you think? 

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