Monday, September 14, 2015

Periscope Addiction

So, I have this new addiction and I can't even begin to imagine life without this new app.
I was only recently made aware of this app and immediately just had to grab a new Android, so I could grab it. Yes, I had an Android but it is a very old one. (Maybe 4 years or more.) It had a pull out keyboard and I tried to hang onto it as much as I could. I am just not that great at this new touchscreen stuff. Although, I guess I will be texting a lot less.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invite for a webinar, all about Periscope. I was still a bit confused but figured I should try this out. You know, at least claim my blog name and try and make a few "Periscopes". So, I got this nifty, Sony Xperia, activated it, installed Periscope, and that's where I have been since.

I met a cool guy from New Zealand, who makes grilled cheese sandwiches on a George Foreman type grill, with butter, "American Style" mayo, cheese, and bread. He also drinks tea while he waits for his morning grilled cheese sandwiches and he says he is, "from the future" lol. (Once, he said it was Tuesday and somebody couldn't believe that, since it was still, Monday, in Vegas.)So, he very cleverly, explained that he is from the future and not to worry because the future looks bright :)

This morning I met, Isaac, a young gentleman from Ghana. He holds daily Periscopes, called, "Learn everything about Ghana". He told us that there are 24 million people in Ghana, they have 14 regions, (some countries call them, states.), and he has a cool, 2 bedroom apartment and for fun, he goes to the beach and likes to hang out with his friends.

When you install, Periscope, it will tie in with your Twitter if you have one, and takes your profile picture and description right from your Twitter account. From there, it will take you to a list of about 100 people that you already follow on Twitter. Hurry up because, after that, you will see a map of the world with little red circles all around. Some circles will have numbers which will show how many people are on, broadcasting live, right now. Some won't have a number. This just means that there is only 1 broadcaster on at the moment.

No worries if you miss a Periscope! You will be able to replay them. (Unless the broadcaster decided to delete the replay.) But, you can find recent broadcasts on their channels. You won't be able to "talk" and it won't be live, but you can still leave some hearts for the videos that you do like.

Usually, a common thing to do when you first connect with a live broadcast, is to say, hello and maybe let them know where you are from. The broadcaster can read your chat messages and will often reply and answer any questions you might have. The cool thing is that you get to see the world through other people's eyes.

I have always been very fascinated with The Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. So, whenever I see a red circle pop up in any of these places, I click to see who's on. Periscope doesn't get to full just yet but I am figuring on this being a fairly big social network in the very near future. But, for now, it is easy to connect and you can chat unless the broadcaster limited the feature to only people they are following.

I have been putting Instagram as my favorite social network but Periscope is really climbing high up there and is quite possibly at a tie for first, next to Instagram. I love both networks for different reasons. I also believe that Periscope will end up helping a ton of brands and bloggers with their businesses. I would advise to at least claim your name and start a account if you can.

If you happen to get on Periscope, please come visit my page and follow me :) I will follow back and would love to chat with you!

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