Monday, September 14, 2015

My Favorite Jewelry Website

** I received products of my choice in return for my honest review, via Inspired Silver and Diamond Bloggers. All statements are my own. **

I am not a real big jewelry person but I do collect rings. Silver rings to be exact. I never was into gold but I will buy up as many pretty, silver rings as I can possibly attain! Yes, I do sometimes try to wear one on each finger but, I mostly try and swap them out from time to time so they each get a turn!

I especially love the prices on and even more, I am ecstatic to see the variety of rings for all styles and tastes. I was given a credit code to use for anything I wanted off of the site, it took me a couple of hours, literally, to narrow it down to a couple of choices! (I already have a wish list for my holiday, anniversary, and birthday ideas for my husband lol!) You can also treat yourself without feeling guilty! I was able to choose 2 gorgeous pieces of jewelry and to be honest, I don't usually spend a large amount on jewelry so, these 2 pieces are up there with my, "total dress up" and "best pieces" collection. My "best pieces" collection consists of a few rings my husband purchased for me, several Anne Klein watches he bought me over the years, (all in need of batteries but no way to change them without running to a fancy jewelry store.), and my Inspired Silver Jackie's Oval Sapphire CZ ring and my RSD awareness ribbon bracelet. 

I am adding, Inspired Silver to our gift guide this year because the prices are great, the selections are lovely, and there is something here for everybody. Shipping is fast unless you order something that may require a slightly longer time frame, which is what my RSD awareness ribbon bracelet needed, but I still received my order in a timely fashion and what was expected.

Inspired Silver also offers free shipping on orders $60+ and as if their already discounted prices weren't awesome enough, they do run deals from time to time! Oh, I almost forgot, all of your jewelry will come in some super cute, drawstring bags!

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