Friday, February 21, 2014

Grand Reopening, RSD, OH, and A Giveaway!!

I have a lot of super nifty things planned for this blog and a few others I have been working on, since I was out for a bit, due to health issues..
I am starting a "Grand Reopening" event, which includes giveaways for each week!
I will be posting more about our, "Grand Reopening" and everything we are adding and doing here, in the next few days.
So, for now, I am starting a giveaway, for a box of sample, trial and full size beauty products, that I personally love!!
This will be filled in more tomorrow, or this evening if I am not so busy at work :)
In the meantime, please enter as many times as you'd like, and share with friends!
Most of my readers from this blog, know I have RSD.. which is most of the reason I haven't been here very often in 2013, along with an accident that affected the beginning of the year last year.
No, RSD doesn't seem to disappear, but I am able to function quite a bit better these days, mainly due to medication changes and stopping the treatments that didn't seem to be doing much for me anymore, and a few changes to my schedule with my pt job, and little ones.
Of course, I will always have hopes for a cure, and I am always willing to try new treatments, so any recommendations any of you may have, would be greatly appreciated!!
Enough about that, (more on my life with RSD, some other time).........
I am more than anxious to get back to work on this blog, and I have tons of interesting things to write about and share with you, I am thinking, if it isn't busy at work tonight, lol, I just may be back to chat a bit more!
Please check out the Rafflecopter below, and enter and share with anybody you think would love to win this giveaway!
Our tabs and pages are under construction right now, so if you see a goofy page or an empty tab don't fret! It will be filled in with something so uber fascinating, in just a couple days!

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