Thursday, August 20, 2020

Long Distance Gift Ideas

If you're in a state or a country that has been locked down due to COVID 19 you have probably been shut down since March of this year. (It's soon September, just in case you're anything like me and forget what day of the week it is anymore!) So, chances are, you probably had a birthday or 2 or maybe an anniversary or maybe you just wanted to brighten a loved one's day but you've been limited in options. 

Fortunately, we still have some options for gifts or just a simple, "Thinking of you" gift basket or some goodies for a college student! Back to school shopping hasn't been the same, summer hasn't been the same, 2020 hasn't been the same but one thing that hasn't changed is the fact that you can still find ways to brighten someone's day! So many different small businesses have stepped up and some who didn't offer delivery or even websites have now started these things. It's even easier to support small businesses now! 

Of course, we have the infamous chocolate covered strawberries! Those always seem to be a hit at our house! My oldest son especially loves the white chocolate strawberries which is great for me since I don't eat the white chocolate and he leaves all of the dark chocolate for me. 

You can also find pre-made gift baskets and care packages for any age, any profession, you can even find some wonderful ideas for sports fans, (even by their favorite team.) Personally, I always prefer to make my own care packages by buying specific snacks and extras such as journals, pens, books, cards, board games, and music that  I know the recipient would love. I also think this adds a nice, personal touch. But if you're in a rush, there are a lot of good options and deals online. 

Homemade gifts are always cherished by the recipient. This is the perfect time for making jams or bread or even cookies! Depending on where you live and the shipping rates, this may be something limited to more local friends and family members. Here in PA, the end of August is an excellent time for produce! The only fruits I cannot buy locally are strawberries and blueberries but everything else is available or will be any day now make for some tasty jams and dips. Grab a case or 2 of Mason jars, some pretty labels, twine, and pectin and you are well on your way to creating mouth-watering, summery good jams that can be enjoyed even with 5 feet of snow on the ground. 

Flowers are a fun way to add a little bit of sunshine! Not only do they smell beautiful but when arranged beautifully, they turn into artistic masterpieces that are sure to delight everyone. New Jersey flower delivery from Plant Shed has such a stunning variety of options that are very aesthetically pleasing you'll end up finding an arrangement you'd like for yourself as well!

I know many of you are thinking I am forgetting wine or gift cards so I figured I would add these to the end since. Oh, and who can forget pumpkin spice is it? I like pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll when made properly but I've never been a pumpkin fan. More of a chocolate fan! I'm also not a wine person but I do understand there seems to be some wine fad that has been going on. Much like the whole pumpkin, latte, Starbucks, mermaid smoothie, something or other! Gift cards are cool and while I don't typically jump for them right away only because they are too quick and not very personalized, I will use those for kid's and teenager's birthdays. Especially when my kids are invited to a few parties in a month, I figure the gift cards are much appreciated by their friends. 

Whether you want to go all out and buy lots of Lego sets or a cute urban cheesemaking kit or order a NJ flower delivery, your loved ones will be grateful and sure to smile! That's the most important part after all!


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