Friday, November 22, 2019

Stella & Dot Gift Guide

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I found a few of my most favorite things on the Stella & Dot website for the holidays! (This is way too hard considering I kind of made a list for myself and for family and friends. My list is a little longer. OK. A LOT longer!)

I love all pinks, fuschias, glitters, and shimmers when it comes to lip products. Especially lip glosses and lip stains. I started scrolling down the Stella & Dot Ultimate Holiday Edit and the very first thing that popped out at me was this stunning shade of fuschia! It is a limited edition shade so it's kind of a big deal and crucial that you snag it ASAP! Fuschia is a gorgeous color for anyone no matter who you are!

This is Ever Forever Longwear Liquid Lip Color so yes, yes, indeed there are more shades! You can find them all when you shop the Ultimate Edit Collection! These lip colors glide on like a gloss but dry down to a matte color that lasts all day and all night long. In this day and age with a gazillion liquid lip colors and formulas, it seems not many stand out in the crowd but, Stella & Dot have managed to do exactly that by adding their signature antioxidant Magnolia Oil to this lip formula to help condition and protect your lips! I've tried at least 2 dozen different types of liquid lip colors and have yet to find the one brand that fits me 100% so, I'm thinking this one is it.

One thing I learned (and this probably isn't new to everyone. Just me.) But, I have a tendency, no, an addiction, to lip glosses and so I am constantly reapplying throughout the day and night. I only use very light touchups when wearing liquid lip colors but I either dab white eyeshadow and in the center of my lips and then shine it up with gloss or add glitter or mix colors up. However, Stella & Dot recommends wearing their lip colors alone since adding anything over the could make your long-wearing lip color into short wearing lip color! It made sense after I thought about it and it answered some questions I've had about some of the so-called all day all night long-wear colors. This will be a hard habit to break but if it means keeping lusciously, smooth, bright, fuschia lips, I'm so doing it! 

Ok, I can't get over how adorably sweet this Santa Sack is! What a perfectly cute way to transport gifts this season! You can also add a pink rectangle engravable hanging tag. I just might buy a few of these so I can keep one for stashing and transporting gifts and maybe personalize a couple and fill with gifts so the recipients can reuse them for the same thing! 

I would also use this super cute bag for storing toiletries and other important and essential things when going on overnight trips! 

What do I spend more on than makeup products? Skincare! Especially since I've been in my 40's! I'm a total sucker for face masks, facial oils, creams, cleansers, eye creams, all of it! I also have 2 daughters so I feel like I'm constantly buying beauty products. 

I try my best to stay up to date on everything and anything skincare and I'm always anxious to try products that will help me with glowing skin. That's just what this Ever Glowify Skin Softening Metallic Mask will help you achieve. This will help immensely with late nights, little sleep, hectic schedules, late-night or all-night celebrations and of course, New Years'. 

Stella & Dot's Ever Glowify Mask can help to brighten and hydrate your skin, smooth fine lines, and wrinkles, and restores radiance. Some of the ingredients include wintergreen leaf extract, mineral-enriched water, kaolin clay, and lactic acid. 

You can purchase this mask by itself or together with a brush to help with applying. Of course, this would make an excellent gift for someone on your list but go ahead and grab one for yourself. With all of the busy days and nights coming up, you'll need some time to relax at home. Schedule an all-girl spa sleepover or spa day and bake some cookies, grab some slippers, a good movie, and get your skin all glowy and beautiful! (You may be able to add a bonus for yourself by either finding a consultant or signing up with Stella & Dot yourself and host a party while you're at it! This could be a great opportunity to earn some extra cash or products and help your friends "de-stress" during the holiday season and knock some gifts off of their own lists!) 

I love rings and pearl bracelets and silver! I've always wanted a charm bracelet but never seem to find one that screams, "That's totally me!" But, I fell in love with this charm the second I saw it while scrolling down the Ultimate Edit Collection. 

This is another one of those, buy a few, make sure you keep one for yourself, type of gifts. These custom cut, glass jewels will surely catch everyone's attention. I can't stop admiring it and I'm just looking at the photos! I can't imagine how pretty this will be in real life! I also love the name of this charm. I think it fits perfectly!

This charm fits on all mesh and leather bracelets, all multi-chain necklaces, and all pendants. 

What did you find on the Ultimate Edit Collection for yourself or your gift list? I would love to see what caught your eye! Please leave a comment and let me know if you found the perfect gift at Stella & Dot!

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