Friday, April 19, 2019

Hair Restoration Systems: The Wig Of The 21st Century

Hair loss is a condition that affects both the physical appearance and, at times, the mental health of a person. Even during ancient times, people tried to find natural remedies to hair loss, including some products still in use today like coconut oil and aloe vera. While these old remedies help to make present hair grow healthier, thicker or longer, they can't replace hair that is missing. Permanent hair loss has many underlining causes, but there are now just as many options when looking for hair restoration in St. Louis. Hairpieces for men have become customizable and lifelike, making a person feel more confident. Read on to learn about these hair restorations or wigs for men St Louis.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss, medically called alopecia, can be caused by many factors. Genetics has the biggest role in hair loss. Age is another natural reason for hair loss. Medical conditions can also cause alopecia in men and can include testosterone issues, thyroid disease, anemia and treatment with chemotherapy.

Innovative Hair Restoration

Hair restoration and hair replacement systems are like wigs, but they are more customizable to the person. These non-invasive systems can be made to match surrounding hair, and sometimes, length and style can also be chosen by the person. Unlike hair transplants, hair replacement systems require no surgery to complete. Instead, a bonding agent is used to attach a perfectly customized piece to the head so that it blends in naturally. This option is also easier on the paycheck than surgery and can be used for light or heavy hair loss.

Wigs have come of age in the 21st century, and hair replacement systems allow a man’s confidence to return without having to go under the knife. By getting a hairpiece completely customized to a person’s preference, hair restoration can be an easy and enjoyable process.

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