Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How To Make Friends As A Newbie In A New Neighborhood

Kids can make friends so easily, but that task becomes harder as you get older. Most adults are awkward and have forgotten the trick to making friends the old-fashioned ways—by simply talking to others about their interests and finding like minds. Throw moving to a new neighborhood into the mix and you have quite a challenge on your hands.

That’s where this article comes in. Read up to feel inspired on how you can make friends as a newbie in a new neighborhood.

Join the Social Media Profile for the Community, i.e. Where People Post Events and Goings-on.

Most communities, even subdivisions, have their own social media profiles these days, where locals post whatever happens to be going on throughout the coming months. Make yourself known on these social media profiles. Introduce yourself, flip through community events, and find some things worth going to.

Tip: Aside from technology, you could also keep your eyes on newspapers and event boards at the grocery stores. This is where older locals might post about upcoming festivals, church events, and annual town celebrations.

Sending Your Kids to School? Make Friends via Their Friends. Get to Know Families Within Your Child’s School System.

When kiddos make friends at one of the private schools in Redmond WA and want those friends to come over, or vice versa, it’s customary for the parents of both kids to meet up and make sure their youngster will be safe and secure at the other parent’s home. Take this an extra step. Invite those parents to your house for dinner. Make friends, so whenever your kids hang out, you all can hang out too.

Take Walks that Lead You Through the Town on a Daily Basis—Say Hello to People You Pass, Bring Your Pup with You, etc.

Neighborhood walks can be great ways to explore your new community while saying hello to locals and getting to know the area. Have a pup? Take them along for walks. Or, better yet, find paths that you could use for daily exercise. You could even start a walking club that could be a little get-together for people that wanted to make friends AND stay in shape.

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