Thursday, April 5, 2018

Do Those Discount Pharmacy Cards Really Work

The last thing anyone wants to worry about when they or a family member become ill is the high cost of prescription medications. Whether they are prescribed temporarily or long term, these medications can put quite the dent in your pocket. Especially if you don’t have health insurance or have a plan that doesn’t cover all of your prescription needs.

I’ve learned to ask how much the cash price is at the pharmacy as compared to co-pays through my health insurance because sometimes, it ends up costing much less if I just use a pharmacy discount card and pay cash. I learned this after searching online for discount cards and checking prices of my husband’s heart medication. After finding that the price was substantially less than what we paid through his health insurance, I called the pharmacies and asked if this was true. Sure enough, it was! (This isn’t something all pharmacies will tell you!)

I make monthly trips to our local pharmacy for everything ranging from vitamins, first aid supplies, over the counter medication, and to pick up our prescriptions. We have 2 long term prescriptions in our family and of course, whenever anyone gets hit with something like the flu. So, rather than paying what could end up being a second mortgage payment, I got my pen and paper and starting searching online for the best discounts I could find.

I have also noticed that our prescriptions have increased several times over the years and I don’t think there are any plans of this stopping anytime soon. Why does it seem we are paying more for our medications than a new car payment each month? Sadly, it is a fact that we pay more per capita in The United States, than any other country. Actually, by more than double.

So just like looking for the best interest rates when it comes to buying a home or starting a savings account, it is just as important to find a discount or some sort of savings on your family’s medications. There are several different websites where you can find and compare the best prices, find nearby pharmacies who will honor the cards, and most of the time you will find that these cards are free! (That’s the best part!) There is no reason to not search for a card that works for you! I’ve found that some of these discount programs also offer savings for dental, vision and even on demand virtual doctor visits too! It’s also important to note that they work for your entire household so you usually only need just one card.

Whether you have a current prescription or you want a backup plan just in case something does happen, these cards can and will come in super handy! I keep mine in my wallet because it is even more important than all of my frequent shopper cards. For instance, we only pay $12 for a month’s supply of my husband’s prescription rather than the $180 cash price our pharmacy charges. I also save about 50% on my medication! You can search for whatever your family needs or compare lo loestrin fe cost or any other common medications or contraceptives directly on their website.

After you find the card that is accepted at your local pharmacy and gets you the best prices, simply take your card and your prescription and save some money! You can use some of the cash you just saved to treat yourself to a latte or stock up on first aid supplies or vitamins while you’re waiting at the pharmacy! When you find a card that works for your needs, don’t forget to spread the word! Your family and friends will be very grateful. (If you’re like me, you’ll end up telling everyone else in the pharmacy too!)


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