Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cujo Smart Firewall At Best Buy

** The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. ** 

One of my most favorite back to school items for the 2017-2018 school year is Cujo Smart Firewall. Sure, it may not be a lunchbox item or a new pair of sneakers or lead pencils but, it is a definite must-have for any family who uses the internet. (Cujo is also great for businesses and anyone who is connected!) 

This one device will secure all devices connected to your WiFi router. Cujo detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. Cujo and his cute, smiling face is like an antivirus for your entire network! But, there are so many other advantages to having Cujo around! 

Cujo's Main Features

Cujo will guard every device that is connected to your network, bring you business level security, connect directly to your router, has a super handy and very easy app to control, has parental controls, and is built with 1GB ethernet so it is blazing fast! 

My favorite main feature is how easy it is to set up. All you need to do is plug Cujo in, connect to your modem and your router if needed and install an app. This process takes just a few minutes and everything you need to know is right on your phone. After everything is plugged in, Cujo does all of the work for you! (I waited maybe 2 whole minutes for the app to sync with Cujo and he started learning immediately! 

One cool thing to note is that Cujo comes all bundled up in a package that is easy to open, instructions that are easy to understand, has a website to visit to start the process and has a window sticker to let everybody know your house and every device in it is protected by Cujo. 

Parental Controls 

One of the most impressive benefits to having Cujo around is the fact that I can control and monitor what each device that is connected to my network, is doing. Each of our children uses tablets, 1 has a phone, we have laptops, game consoles, and a desktop. There are limits to screen time and depending on the circumstances, screen time must be earned. (Especially during the school year!) We do respect our children's privacy however, we do what we can to monitor what they can access online. Cujo makes this so much easier and I feel much safer knowing that I will get alerts on my phone if one of them clicked on something that is malicious. 

You can create profiles for everybody in your home directly through the Cujo app. You can even choose your color and avatar! Once Cujo has been connected, he starts learning and finding devices. This could take a few hours up to 48 hours. Once Cujo notices the devices, you can assign them to a profile. From here, you can set restrictions if needed and you can monitor activity. 

You can also filter the different types of websites each profile can access! This is great for families with children of different ages! 

If you offer screen time or game time as a reward or if you allow game time only after homework and chores are done, you could filter gaming specifically and then remove the block after chores are done. 

Cujo will start keeping track of threats and alerting you every time anything happens. The above screenshot was taken shortly after connecting Cujo however, a few hours later and a few devices later, we did receive 1 threat. The alert will actually show you which device and what time the threat was detected. 

I am really loving the parenting control features! I think it is important to set time limits for children (and adults!) and I can do this all remotely. I am also grateful for the filter options and the alerts I receive if my 14-year-old decides to get online to start playing games before finishing homework and chores. (Yes, this happens sometimes!) 

If your children use any social media networks, Cujo will help you monitor that as well. You really don't have to be super duper tech savvy to use Cujo or the app. It is easy enough for everyone! 


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