Thursday, November 10, 2016

Save Your Sanity While Holiday Shopping

Easing Holiday Stress

With the holiday season approaching, you’re probably already wondering how you’re going to incorporate holiday activities into your overloaded schedule. There are several things you can do to ease holiday stress. Holidays should be a fun time, not a time of feeling overloaded with obligations and activities.

Plan ahead meals

You already know that the closer it gets to a holiday, the harder it gets to find time to prepare meals for the family. Cooking extra food prior to the holidays and freezing it can ease dinner time stress. Popping a homemade frozen meal in the oven or microwave is quick, easy and stress-free and guilt-free. Doing some pre-holiday baking and freezing cakes, pies and other desserts will certainly ease some of the stress related to entertaining.

Set limits

Although it may be difficult, setting limits is a key to keeping your sanity and not depleting your energy. Make choices as to what events you and your family will attend. Accept invitations according to what comfortably fits into your schedule. It seems that the call for volunteers increases considerably around the holidays. Agree to volunteer but stay within the limit of what you can easily handle.


One ideal way to reduce holiday stress is to shop ahead. Online shopping gives you the advantage of shopping anytime that’s convenient for you. If you have families to shop for that include a mix of adults and children, holiday gift baskets are a great gift idea. One large basket can be given for the entire family to enjoy. Baskets are available for kids, teenagers, adult, pets and those who love their pets. Placing holiday orders early will take that task off of your holiday “to-do” list.


Organization is always a great time-saver. Lists, such as a shopping list, a chore list and various other lists can be one of your most valuable organizational tools during the holidays. Storage boxes give you a place to pack up home d├ęcor items in order to make room for holiday decorations. Label boxes as you pack them so that unpacking will not be a stressful experience. 

Stay focused

As much as is reasonably possible, try to stay focused on one project at a time. Multi-tasking isn’t always a time-saver. Methodical steps toward the completion of a task are usually more efficient and effective. 


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