Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Sunrype Energy Bars (Vegan And Gluten Free)

** I received free samples thanks to Sunrype, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. **

We are big Sunrype fruit snack fans and recently were given the opportunity to try their new line of Energy and Fruit and Chia bars. So, of course, we had a tasting party with our kids and a few of their friends.

I have been a Sunrype fan for a long time. I usually grab any Sunrype strawberry flavored fruit snacks I can find and stock up every time I see them. Mango is my 2nd favorite! They all have a delightful taste, reasonable price, taste healthy, and have good ingredients. I prefer these first before any other brand of fruit snacks for myself and my family.

Chocolate Coconut:

We recently tried a few different flavors of their new Energy bars and Fruit and Chia bars and I am hoping to see more flavors soon! While this particular variety wasn't my top choice, I would buy this again. They taste wholesome and have all of the good stuff inside! The only thing I have to mention is that I am not a big coconut fan so I did find they could have more chocolate and less coconut. (But that is simply a personal preference.)

These bars are very dense and I find that I can't even finish 1 in 1 sitting which, I personally think is neat! I can grab a great source of energy just from half of a bar and save the rest for midday or before dinner. (I usually need a few bursts of energy during the day! 4 kids and we are always moving and always seem to be running late!)

My children tried a few flavors of the new Sunrype bars and they do prefer to stick with the fruit snacks. However, they did enjoy the Raspberry Chocolate and Mango bars. But again, they can't finish a full bar either. Which actually makes these great for on the go. We usually pack a small cooler with drinks and snacks on busy appointment and errand days, since we live far from civilization! These will be included in our usual on the go cooler snacks from now on. I also think that if your children are used to eating energy bars and fruit and chia bars, these will be great for them too. (Not that our kids seem to need any energy since they have that endless stream of it most days!) But, these will fit well when school starts back up and our new Jr High student will have some late night studying and earlier mornings to get used to! My youngest children weren't huge huge fans of these but again, this is the first of it's kind that they have ever tried so, it will be different if your children like these types of bars. We make our own granola bars and granola and of course they love granola bars from the store as well.

I would recommend these to anybody looking for that midday energy kick or even for morning breakfast on the go. Of course, these would be perfect for hiking and other activities where you need as much energy as you can get! These make you feel full but in a good way. They are very hearty and you can taste all of the goodness in each bite!

Chocolate Raspberry: 

These were our favorites. You get a scrumptious bunch of raspberries and chocolate in every bite and I will be buying these again and again! They are great to split with kids or save for later. I find that this brand is very trustworthy, reliable, always delivers quality products, and truly cares about their customers and their families. (You can tell by the nutrition label and ingredients list.) This is what I look for in a brand, that and if they are active on social media and engage with others. That they do. So, give me a brand who offer some of the yummiest products and have great customer service and I'm in for the long haul!

You can find Sunrype on Facebook, Twitter, , Instagram, Pinterest, and you can learn more about them through their website! 

Stay tuned for our review on the new Sunrype Fruit and Chia bars next week!

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