Monday, April 13, 2015

Win With The Beatrix Girls!

** We received a product in return for sharing and promoting The Beatrix Girls giveaway. **

If your daughters aren't already going crazy over The Beatrix Girls, a very cute and uber cool, all girl band who have their own Youtube channel and even their own album, "Meet The Beatrix"
The band consists of: Lark, Ainsley, Brayden and Chantal. Each with their own personalities and style.

My youngest daughter, Genevive just thinks they are so awesome and "way better than regular dolls that don't do anything" Lol! She loves, Brayden the most because she looks more like her.
The Beatrix Girls were a part of Blogger Bash last summer, in New York City and sent a sampler CD and a cute light up necklace for Genevive and she still listens to that CD. (Almost as much as One Direction!)

You can find The Beatrix Girls CD on iTunes, Pandora or Spotify.

Onto the details about the fabulous Beatrix Girls London Tour Tea Time Giveaway!
The Beatrix Girls absolutely love British fashion, music and of course, tea time! So, they thought it would be the perfect idea for another kick off to their London Tour and a super idea for their fans, would be to giveaway the essentials needed for the best Tea Time party a little girl, (or very cool chic), could ever dream of!

The winner will receive:

4 Tea Cups
Table and wall decorations
Activity books
A London Beatrix Girl Doll

(Total ARV $50)

I know my youngest just loves parties and sleepovers and she especially enjoys throwing them! The prettier the better and the winner of The Beatrix Girls London Tour Tea Time Giveaway will have all they need to throw the bestest tea time party around. (and one that everybody will be talking about for a long time!)

To enter, just click here and vote for your favorite Beatrix Girl. (I know it's hard but any one will do!)
This giveaway runs through May 1st so be sure to share with your friends so they can vote and enter too!

In the meantime, while you wait to see who wins the Tea Time Giveaway, check out all of the adorable Beatrix Girls and accessories at stores like, Walmart, Amazon, Kohls, ToysRUs, Fingerhut and Burlington.

You can follow The Beatrix Girls on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram!

Who is your favorite Beatrix Girl? Do you have a favorite song?
Genevive would love to read comments from fellow Beatrix Girl fans!

Oh and GOOD LUCK!!

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