Monday, February 23, 2015

Help Us Find Hylee For A Chance To Win With Hylands

** This is a sponsored post, thanks to Hyland's. All opinions and statements are my own. **


The Hyland's baby fairy, Hylee is missing! But, if you help find her, you'll have the chance to win a pack of Hyland's Teething Tablets OR a Hyland's gift basket!

Hylee must be found in time for National Tooth Fairy Day!! This is a real emergency and we are asking that everybody is on the lookout!!

If you happen to stumble across, Hylee, please make sure to let Hyland's know, by entering her location, here!

You could end up winning 1 of 500 full size Hyland's Teething Tablets or you could hit it big and win a Hyland's gift basket, filled with lots of Hyland's goodies!!

This promotion runs all week and everyday will be a new opportunity to #FindHylee and enter her whereabouts on the Hyland's Facebook page.

Oh, I almost forgot, she will be holding a sign with the day of the week so that you know you know you have her. 

So, where should you look? Well, other than Hyland's Facebook page, you may be able to find her on Instagram, Twitter or she may be flying around the Hyland's Pinterest page!

Our youngest daughter, Genevive has a loose tooth right now and is just moments away from loosing this and will be very sad if she doesn't get a visit from the tooth fairy. (This is why I must repeat how important it is that we all pitch in and #FindHylee!)

If you aren't familiar with Hyland's Homeopathic, you can find information about them here.
Hyland's offers a full range of homeopathic medicines for your whole family. From babies through adult!
We have been big fans of Hyland's for many years. Maybe not since they started, (By the way, they have been around since 1903!!), lol, but, our oldest daughter is 22, almost 23 and we were using Hyland's Teething Tablets when she was just a tiny baby girl ;)
We have 4 children, ages: 4, 8, 11 and 22 and 2 granddaughters, ages: 9 months and 2. All of these little ones have had quite a few Teething Tablets in their tiny mouths at certain points in their lives. There were times we did try other products, usually because we ran out of Teething Tablets, or because a grandma had something different... (We didn't have internet back with our first baby! So, it wasn't as easy to restock as often as we can now!) But, nothing and I mean, NOTHING ever came close to the easy peasy Teething Tablets!
Not only are they super fast and a cinch to get inside their little mouths, they actually work! Almost in an instant!! The time saved with these little morsels from heaven is priceless. I can't think of anything I would rather have then a sleeping, content, happy, teething baby during those crazy times. and I'm sure our little ones are grateful, well, I know they are, because, they don't have to worry about crying or being in pain or being cranky when they have Teething Tablets!!
I actually most recently had to give a bottle to my son in law while they were visiting because he had quite the painful toothache and even if our youngest is 4, we always have Teething Tablets in the medicine cabinet. Yes, they actually helped him enough to be able to stay and visit so I could see my little princes granddaughters a bit longer!! I do use them for my little ones if they have a toothache, especially when they have loose teeth. Maybe it's magic? I don't know. But, they comfort them and when they are comfy, so am I!!

While you are searching for Hylee, check out the other products Hyland's has to offer. They are always out and about on social media and are always more than happy to answer your questions! I have Tweets sent to my cell phone, via text and I have my favorites set to alert so I don't miss a thing. I can promise you, out of all of my favorites, (and there are a ton!), Hyland's Health and Hyland's Teething Tablets are 2 of the most active and helpful accounts out there. That's another reason we love this brand and continue to use their products for anything from colds, to nerve tonic to restless leg, to allergies to skin care.

Have you ever tried Hyland's Homeopathic products before?
We love comments and would love to hear about your experience!
Which products have you used? Which products work best for your family?
Are there any in particular you haven't tried but would love too?

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