Thursday, June 19, 2014

Laugh at Little Leaks

Everybody has something they don't really want to talk about, publicly, well, almost everybody. (There are always going to be those people who run around, blabbing about every tiny personal issue they or somebody else has ever had)....I don't know what's worse, them, or the people who always yell, "TMI!" lol!
 One of those embarrassing things that nobody seems to want to discuss, is, LBL. Light bladder leakage.
 If you're anything like me, those little internet/text abbreviations, LMAO, are actually real, and throughout a day, you may laugh 3000 times, so hard that it really feels like you just, LMAO'd. But for some of us, it isn't just that, but also a bit of a leak...
It's actually a bit more common than you may think!!
It also doesn't just affect the older generation, but young women can have this dilemma too.
Everything from sneezing, laughing, medications, exercising, pregnancy, disease, illness, and coughing, can cause a bit of a leak. Who hasn't laughed, sneezed or coughed?
Leaks are the most common result of pressure on the bladder.
So, what can we do about this?
Well, for one, you can stop hiding and thinking you're all alone, because you're not.
You can also try kegal exercises! Kegal exercises strengthen  the pelvic floor muscles to fight bladder weakness. (and I've also heard it helps make sex more fun too!)
Another easy way to help with leakage, is to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water! Water is important for many reasons, not just to help with a little leak here and there.
Alcohol, caffeine, and drinks with natural fruit acids, can actually cause more bathroom visits.
The next step to preventing a really embarrassing moment, is grabbing a pack of Poise pads.
I know, you're thinking of those giant, diaper looking things that look way to uncomfortable, and surely, everybody that sees you, will know you're wearing it. NO, it isn't like that at all!
Poise, has microliners, liners, ultra thin pads, the whole way up to Poise Hourglass Pads.
Even the lightest, Poise microliner is 2 times more absorbent than period only liners!!
Poise pads are made with, Super Absorbent Material. (SAM) and they are specially designed to instantly absorb wetness, neutralize odor, and stay 3 times drier than period only pads and liners. (Starting with the liners)
Another cool thing about, Poise, is their social networks and their website. They're very informative, have tons of tips, help, and advice to offer and you may be able to score free samples and coupons from time to time!

I received a free sample from Poise, through Crowdtap.

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