Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Love Affair with Herbal Essences Body Wash

Yes, I may be kind of a geek, and I do sometimes fall in love with simple things and get all giddy and excited over them, that's just me ;)
I recently received a sample of Herbal Essences body wash, through Crowdtap, (my favorite website of them all!!), and from Herbal Essences, and I wasn't forced to write this post, BUT, I felt I had to after the heavenly experience I had with their, Hello Hydration body wash.
I am a sucker for bath and body products, and I grab up all of those beauty subscription boxes and deals on certain websites, so I have been around, if you know what I'm saying :O
I haven't tried this stuff until I received this sample, even though I was fully aware of the new body wash, and had my fair share of P&G inserts that came with coupons for it. I just didn't get around to hunting them down in the small town stores I frequent, and I haven't ordered any online yet... (my other addiction)
I wish the bottle would've been 10 times the size, since it's all now.... but I did save the empty bottle because the scent is so pure and fresh and just a whiff of it makes me remember the lathery, bubbly goodness!!
I don't know where to start here...I guess I'll go with the scent.
First off, it's blue, which is my favorite color! So, that was a huge plus!!
When I opened it, for some reason, I automatically thought of fairies and springtime and clouds and I think I saw a butterfly floating around the bathroom too! It was love at first sniff! I dumped a quarter of the bottle on my yellow body puffy sponge, and that was more than enough to have a layer of suds by my feet! (Which is one of the best feelings in the world to me!)
The whole bathroom smelled so fresh and clean, almost as if I just finished cleaning it myself! (Yes, I'm serious! It lasted for quite some time, and was long enough that I even pretended that I was in there scrubbing after my shower, shhhh!!!!)
Another bonus with this body wash, is the long lasting, moisturizing,tingly, silky feeling you get. I have extremely dry skin, and even I noticed a difference after just 1 use.
My legs are especially dry, (due in part to my RSD) but that didn't stop my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration body wash from making my legs look smooth and not feel so itchy!
I want to buy my favorite blue body wash again, but I think I'm going to try the rest of the scents too!
The other cool thing, possibly the coolest thing, is the price!
Compared to a few other brands I use, this is much more inexpensive and if you didn't know this, you would think it cost more than  the other body washes you may have used!
Oh! I almost forgot! I'm sure you have used their shampoos and conditioners before, right?? Well, these scents go hand in hand and can be fused together for some real delicious scents, way beyond your imagination!! (I love mixing and matching) mixing more, but either way, you go about it, you can't lose!!

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